Good Deal or Not? “Rich chocolate wood floors” edition

This condo is located at 315 G St, NE:

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The listing says:

“Sweet new condos at 315G Street, NE just a few blocks from the happening H Street Corridor and Capitol Hill landmarks. Rich chocolate wood floors, chic contemporary kit cabs & quartz counter tops. Lots of different floorplans to check out…”

You can find more info here.

I really like the location of this one. This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $288,740.

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  • I love when the photos of a place are tightly cropped photos of appliances or, in this instance, of a sink. If the sink is one of the top three things worth showing in a photo, then this place isn’t worth my time.

  • “Totally sick units in a bodacious condo that’s ridonkulously close to the so-cash H St NE neighborhizzle.”

    Any pictures that actually show the unit instead of just the kitchen and sink? That leads me to believe the bedroom is immediately next to the kitchen counter.

  • I’ve often wondered about UrbanLand company. Their units typically seem pretty well priced and I think this falls in line with that. There are a few (though, admittedly, not many) more pictures and floors plans at the website shown on the sign in the first picture ( Does anyone know which unit this is?

    I have to say I agree with POP. I really like the location.

    • Good location, but the units do appear to be super-tiny based on the floor plans (assuming they are to scale). It’s not good when the kitchen is barely bigger than the bathroom, and the bedroom is barely bigger than the kitchen.

      • Hmmm…Your’e right, after looking more closely at the floor plans, these places do seem pretty small. Compared to the prices of other places in the area, I’d still say this is worth a look, though I’m not entirely sure I’d say it’s a good deal.

    • Yeah the UrbanLand folks seem to pick good locations and have decent pricing. We visited one of their projects at New Hampshire and U (which is one of my favorite blocks in the city) and there was just something a little off about the building. Not knowing much about real estate, maybe it was that the finishes weren’t high quality? Just seemed like everything was new but in a cheap/flimsy/not quite properly set way.

      • just a year ago, this bldg was a boarded up piece of crap.. that had been boarded up for at least the 6 years that i had lived there. it’s all very suspect, inclusive of the fact that the pictures are ridonkulous!

      • Hmmm…That is kind of what I had suspected, given the locations and the price. Like Denizen said, these particular ones may be pretty small, too.

  • Mmmmmm…rich chocolate.

  • That tax number does not match up with the price of the unit. What gives?

  • UrbanLand is only the sales agent. This particular building was developed by Neighborhood Development Company (

  • dt

    Um, how big is it?? This ain’t NYC, put the damn square footage in your ads! You’ll just piss people off for wasting their time when they show up to view it and it’s too small.

  • They’re small. They’re nice. The location is ridonkulous. UrbanLand Company is the Real Estate Brokerage and thus doesn’t “pick” the location of the properties they represent.

  • They are TINY–especially those that are not corner units. I mean, laughable tiny. A studio would offer more usable space. The neighborhood is great — even without H St being so close — but does not make up for tininess. You are paying a premium for the new build and that’s it. I would not recommend.

  • The “Atlas Lofts” off of Bladensburg & L St NE across from Cap City Diner are a much better deal IMO, and actually closer to all the nightlife of H St.

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