Good Deal or Not? “luscious light, warm wood & cool stone” edition

This house is located at 221 E St, NE:

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The listing says:

“Think 2BR+Den plus guest suite in basement. So close to Congress you can smell the legislation stalling. Stunning Rainbow Properties Revival adding luscious light, warm wood & cool stone to a stellar location with rarely found exterior space for sunning on upper deck, croquet in the yard…and yes…Off-Street Parking! ALL of the requisite components-ALL beneath the shadow of The US Capitol Dome.”

You can find more info here and photos here

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $748,500.

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  • I don’t know about the house, but the description makes me horny.

  • I would absolutely love to live there – nice place, great location. Kitchen is a little lacking in counter space, but that’s a minor quibble.

  • I don’t really know what the prices are like in that area, but the renovation looks attractive to me. I like that the staircases has wooden banisters; I feel like all too often we see renovations on this forum where the staircase is ultra-modern and doesn’t really mesh with the rest of the house.

    The tiling in the master bathroom is (relatively) plain, but I like the tiling in the basement bathroom even better — ultra-plain.

    The only real drawbacks I perceive are the skylights in at least two bedrooms. Great if you like skylights, I suppose, but not so nice if you can’t sleep with light coming in.

    The listing says the house has 3 bedrooms, but the text seems to acknowledge that it’s really more of a “2BR + Den.” Not sure which of the small upstairs bedrooms is a den and which is the legit bedroom, but both of them look mighty small.

    • I’ve heard the concern with bedroom skylights before and I honestly don’t get it. Unless you have an odd schedule where you’re sleeping during the day, why wouldn’t you want daylight coming in? During the longest days of the year it would actually be helpful because dawn would be breaking around the time most of us have to get up.

      • I guess I get up slightly later than most people during the week, but even if you don’t mind waking up at dawn every weekday… what about weekends?

        Or what if you want to take a nap on a weekend afternoon?

        • I actually like to be woken up early and naturally on the weekends; I’m the type of person who could sleep until 10am if I let myself, but I hate myself when I do. I’m not a napper, either.

    • They are! One barely — not exaggerating — fit a desk; the other had a single bed in it (a full bed would take up the whole room and block the deck). Not sure what they were thinking and very interested to see how long it stays on the market.

  • Is it really only 1,000 sq ft? That would only be 333 sq ft per floor. It actually looks bigger than that to me.

    I wonder why they didn’t convert the basement into a legal rental, rather than just a “guest suite.”

  • I’d swap out the big professional-style stove (those are so unnecessary in a regular household) for a smaller, conventional one just to get a bit more counter space. Otherwise, it looks quite nice.

  • Interesting compared to today’s earlier “revised Gdon.”

  • Rainbow Properties gnerally does a good job with renovations. However, as someone who bought a Rainbow Properties house 3 years ago, I would encourage the buyer to do a very thorough home inspection. Although we have not had to do a lot of major work, we have had quite a few headaches that we might have pushed to have fixed had we known ahead of time. And Rainbow does not negotiate on price. Look at other properties that have sold in the area.

    We paid a lot less for a bigger house 10 blocks away. That said, $748K is a good price for that location. Not an excellent price if you find you need to redo the roof after 15 months. But otherwise, good.

  • I used to live on the other side of this house (the white side) and visited the blue side before it was remodled. The location was great, but both sides had major issues and probably should have been condemned. If you are buying it, make sure that you have an inspector look closely at every detail in order to avoid unpleasant surprises down the road.

  • I toured this house the first weekend it was on the market — it’s TINY! TINY! Think 1BR + 2 dens. Completely not functional — they must have hired an amazing photographer. Too bad, because it seems to have it all. The address is actually 221.5 E St and it looks like they split a normal sized house down the middle when they renovated. Location is great, but kind of useless for any more than one or two people.

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