Good Deal or Not? “3,300 sq. ft. of luxury living” edition (reader request)

This home is located at 1516 Webster St, NW:

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The listing says:

“Phenomenal property w/ extreme value & location! 3,300 sq. ft. of luxury living in the heart of DC. Four finished levels include 3 bedroom 3.5 bath w/ fully finished basement and potential 4th bedroom. Cedar fence in rear w/ off street parking and electric garage opener. By far the best renovation for 2012!!!!”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $849,000.

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  • Finally someone can photograph (and cleanup) their house!

    It’s a nice space, but if I’m gonna pay close to a million bucks for a house, I either want something that really stands out feature wise, or a location that’s just outstanding. 16th St Heights area isn’t the best location in the city, and the house looks nicely done but isn’t memorable in any way.

    • Agreed. Nice renovation. Well-staged. But seems a bit high for the area. You could probably get something comparable in Mt. Pleasant for that price.

  • I agree, Andy. I think it’s a sweet reno, but it seems really high to me for what I call lower 16th St. Heights. It also happens to be up the street from me, so while I HOPE it fetches this price, I think it’s about 100K too high.

  • beautiful house. I love the attic and the little sunroom on the first floor. but the backyard? what’s wrong with a little patch of grass or a veg garden? that cement (not even permeable pavers) has got to go.

    • …and with an open plan kitchen like that, you really need a heavy duty extractor above the stove. not just the fan thingy under the microwave.

  • Stunning renovation, which is becoming par for the course in those houses in the first blocks off 16th Street, on both sides. Price might be a little high, but the convenience to areas of DC in all directions, peace & quiet, proximity to Rock Creek & Upshur Parks, and the best school districts doesn’t hurt. With growth moving north from Cola Hgts, and the bus barn eventually being redeveloped, this area is going to be sitting even more pretty. Plus, has a sizeable backyard. Won’t find that in Mt. Pleasant. I’d say $780K would be more in line.

  • It is a really nice house. I don’t know that part of the city well enough to say whether it is a good deal or not. I gotta think proximity to downtown SS would be a selling point for this location. I would love to see this as a GDON revisited.

  • Extremely nice reno, but again what’s with all of the bathrooms being the same? For that price point I want something unique. Also, I would have staged the dining room as another living area and moved the dining room table to the sun porch. Just my humble opinion.

  • Nicely staged and attractive (even if not in a distinctive way)… but that seems like a lot for a house that’s east of Rock Creek Park and not near a Metro.

    (I don’t know the “going rate” for that area, but it seems that the folks who do think this is somewhat ambitiously/optimistically priced.)

  • Would love to live here! Would cut 5 min off my drive to/from Beth, and wife would love it to get on Blagden and through the park to Van Ness. I do agree, seems a bit high, and like you can probably be on the opposite side of Arkansas Ave/Piney Branch Pkway in that price range

  • Almost all of the houses on that block have been renovated in the past 5-6 years, and some are just drop-dead gorgeous inside. $780-810,000 wouldn’t be out of the question.

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