El Rinconcito Expands in Columbia Heights

Dear PoPville,

Do you what is going on in the room above El Rinconcito II at 1326 Park Rd, NW? I live a few blocks away and I’ve recently noticed that you can see tables in the window on the first floor above the restaurant now At first I thought El Rinconcito II had expanded its seating area, but this morning there was a light on and a lit-up “Open” sign in the first floor window while El Rinconcito was shuttered up.

I’m happy to say that it is an expanding seating area for El Rinconcito II.

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  • Very cool, El Rinconcito II! I am a fan, and I am glad to see that business is good!

  • It’s about time. They always used to seat people upstairs, and it’s much nicer than the ground floor space. I pretty much stopped going there when the closed the second floor because the ground floor is so grim.

  • wow! that’s awesome! i was always so sad that they had closed that space. glad to see they are using it again! love this place!

  • Yay! Love this place.

  • I think they seat people upstairs when the downstairs is full. I was there last week and they were not seating people upstairs. The downstairs is much, much better than a few years ago. Fresh paint on the walls and new painting have made it more enjoyable. I think the loud jukebox and the telenovelas make for a great, and authentic experience!

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