Edan Macquaid to Open Pizza Spot at 1832 14th Street, NW

Last week a reader wrote in asking for an update on “Local 14” which had planned on coming to 1832 14th Street, NW. At that time a commenter wrote:

“i actually live behind this building. They have been doing a lot of work recently. I ran into Aman ( owner of this and local 16). he told me the carpet store from across the street is taking the first floor and a pizza concept restaurant will be on the top floors. this was about three weeks ago.”

Please note that according to this neighbor the rug store will take the first floor and the restaurant will go upstairs.

Yesterday Don Rockwell (thanks to all who sent links and thanks to DR for referencing PoP’s coverage) shared the scoop:

This will be a casual, dive kind of place with a wood-fired oven. The bottom floor will have a carpet store; the top two will have a dining room, possibly a balcony over 14th, and an open kitchen, bar, and small rooftop on the third floor.

Food wise, the menu is forming as 4-5 pizze, and a small menu of constantly changing items. They are hoping to have the oven built on site (3rd floor) by Napolitan builders, and are also discussing the possibility of a wood grill. There will be no gas appliances or lines running into the building. In Edan’s own words, “All fire, baby!”

A PoPville twitter follower notes – is this gonna be the start of a pizza war with Matchbox moving in across the street?

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  • “This will be a casual, dive kind of place with a wood-fired oven.”

    Isn’t that kind of an oxymoron?

  • First we had cupcake wars. Then Froyo wars. Then small plate wars. Then Winebar wars. Then BBQ wars. Then Burger wars. Then Speakeasy wars. And now, for this last epic battle..Pizza Wars! Featuring Matchbox, the new place at 14th and V, the new place at the 9:30 Club and now this new place at 14th and T.
    Ah, retail and dining diversity, how I miss thee.

  • Wonderful! Just what DC needs – more mediocre pizza joints!

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