Dear PoPville – What’s Going on with the Buildings at 7th and L St, NW?

Dear PoPville,

I’ve thought for years this would make a great spot for a pub – same block as the Passenger,
across from the Convention Center, growing neighborhood. Any word what’s actually going in here?

Back in June 2010 I nominated these buildings for a horse’s ass award.

I hear that one of the buildings had a portion of the second floor that was threatening to fall off possibly after the earthquake. So I think Douglas Development (the owner) is taking the opportunity to gut all three buildings. At the moment there is no planned use for the space.

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  • Hopefully D. Roth Saddlery is finally re-opening…

  • Despite it’s lackluster reviews on Yelp (mostly attributable to a Groupon deal), D.Roth Saddlery is still the best spot in DC to get your horses shod.

    • You goldbricking want-wit! Your horse gets shod at the blacksmithery! The very idea of Mr. Roth, Saddler, providing an iron-monger’s trade… why, we’re more likely to visit the mooon before mixing leather and iron work. Good day, sir!

  • I’ve always loved that little row of buildings on 7th Street.

    Glad they’re being kept intact, but it would be better if somebody other than Jamal actually owned them. That way they would be used for something rather than sitting vacant.

  • The green metal bay began to lean precariously out and away from the brick facade as a result of corroding anchors. DCRA and DC Fire inspected and certified the building a public hazard. Owners are now fixing it. Inside, the building has no roof and about 20 years worth of trees have grown up from the ground inside. With the emergency work that is required, owner is also rehabbing all the other storefronts while they’re at it.

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