Dear PoPville – Outside seating coming to Red Toque

Dear PoPville,

Thought on such a cold day news of springtime sidewalk cafes would be welcome. While picking up carryout, the owner of the delicious and appropriately-rave-Yelp-reviewed Red Toque at 6th and R NW mentioned that he had been working with the ANC to get permits to fix-up the side-yard into outdoor seating. I have always thought this little tree-shaded yard would make an excellent outdoor dining area – and w/ Beau Thai relatively recently opening their outdoor dining this little stretch of R street in Shaw could be quite nice in the spring.

Red Toque is located at 6th and R St, NW.

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  • Awesome. The food is really good but I never see it busy. People on yelp rave about it though so I guess I miss them when I go. I really dislike the awning though 🙁

    • I don’t understand the problem with the awning. What do you suggest instead? It was an upgrade from the plastic banner (looking at you Beau Thai…). However, I have noticed lately that the awning needs a good power wash – it’s looking a little grimy. Love Toque Cafe regardless – I’m a happy regular. Outside dining will be great!

  • Yes this will be wonderful. The only thing missing from this good food good price nice owner restaurant is decor, it looks a bit sketchy, hopefully they can update it a bit and receive a much higher customer turnout!

    Bacio Pizzeria in Bloomingdale told me they are also applying for outdoor seating for the spring!

  • @samosa: from what I’ve seen, a lot of their business is takeout (I only know that because I chose to sit in and eat there once and saw a number of people come in to pick up food, while no one else came in to have their meal there).

    The outdoor area could be nice. I hope they decide to put up a better looking sign at some point, though. The yellow awning doesn’t do them justice.

    • Yup that is the number one complaint about the place, the “atmosphere”. I think the owner has heard it but has not been able to put funds into the property after starting up the business, hopefully that will change for spring. It is good food, could really be a money maker for him there. Everybody I know does take out, they also deliver but not as good at delivery time as Beau Thai. (they should work together and use the same driver since they are just a block away). I have eaten in once or twice but take out is frequent. They will also use your own dishes if you bring them in advance so you can take home a full meal as if you made it : )

      Try the fresh made humus, best I have had in the area.

      • I never realized I could love chick peas so much until Red Toque. Agreed about the new signage. However, when you look at their website the owner asks if people like the sign and the comments are positive. I think it gave the owner the wrong idea.

        Really, I don’t care about the astetics of the place though. The food and friendly service keep me returning.

  • I live down the block and agree that this is a great idea. I’ve gotten takeout, but never actually eaten there. That intersection (I’m including the intersections of 6th and R/Rhode Island as one) could definitely use a little aesthetic love. Between this and our new and improved tree boxes, we’re moving in the right direction!

  • claire

    Wow, that’d be great! One of my favorite takeout/delivery places, but it’d be great to eat a delicious lamb kabob sandwich while chilling outside there.

  • I love this place! Outdoor seating will be a great addition!

  • I ate there. Great food but the service was terrible the day i dined-in. Better to grab it and go, IMHO.

  • You’ll see a complaint from a certain former ANC commissioner who lives behind the place, guaranteed!

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