Dear PoPville – Anyone Know What’s Up With the Music and Arts Club Coming to 14th and U St, NW?

Dear PoPville,

I spotted an ABRA permit renewal in the window of the below ground unit in the Lost Society/Subway building. The sign says that it will be a Music & Arts Club and the Applicant name is listed as Cuckoo Marans. It’s petitioning to be a class C nightclub. Have you heard anything more about this place?

Does anyone remember the details of the Music and Arts Club/Cuckoo Marans that is supposed to come to the basement space at 14th and U St, NW?

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  • They already have the license. This is just a renewal. If I remember correctly, this is from the team behind Lost Society/Local 16. Though now that i think about it, it could be the Marvin team. There was a building permit issued recently for the renovation of the space. Is there construction ongoing?

    • The last time I was at Lost Society (before new years), it looked like they were digging out the basement floor down there to get some more ceiling height, so work must be under way.

  • Great, just what our neighborhood needs, another nightclub by Hilton and friends. Why don’t they just turn that block into one huge nightclub and be done with it? U Street is becoming Adams Morgan, and not in a good way.

    • Each place must be filling a respective niche and their business model must be doing well or they wouldn’t keep opening new places. People are coming, so they’ll keep building places.

      • Yeah, except those of us who actually live in the neighborhood would like some real stores rather than a string of restaurants and clubs. Most of the people who are coming to these establishments don’t actually live in the neighborhood.

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