Dear PoPville – Anyone Ever Hear of a Fog Horn Car Alarm

Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

Dear PoPville,

The other night three cars (at least) between 14th and 15th and Euclid (alley behind Euclid) were broken into last night. Smash and grab style, with cd’s flung around my car, glove box opened, etc. They got my GPS- I know, I know… don’t leave it in your car (even hiding). Have the regular damage you’d expect, and it’s just a sad morning. Roommate’s car was broken into at the same spot several months back.

Anyway, the responding cop told me that I should go to a “rim shop” and buy an after-market (?) fog horn car alarm. Has anybody ever heard of these before? Would they really deter a would-be robber?

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  • Ha ha ha! I love the accompanying photo. Perfect.

  • And P.S. Would it deter a robber? No, but it would probably cause his ears to bleed.

    • And all of your neighbors’ ears to bleed, every time it’s a false alarm. Not a fan of this idea. Sorry about your car, though.

      • ah

        +1. The robbers are long gone while the alarm just continues to wake your neighbors. It takes them maybe 15 seconds to grab the GPS and other stuff–you’re barely getting out of bed to look out the window by that point.

        As you realize, take valuable stuff out of your car, especially if it’s in a neighborhood where your buddies have suffered break-ins.

  • what is a cd?

    • Ha ha, so true. And what the hell is a car alarm? People still have those? And a GPS? Ever heard of a smart phone – most are equipped with decent GPS capabilities.

  • Please please do not buy or install such a car alarm. in fact, don’t install ANY car alarm. They should be banned, they are horrible things. it would make more sense to put the money into better lighting in that alley.

  • I believe the law enforcement officer was advising you to break the law. Those super-loud alarms are totally illegal.

  • leave your car doors unlocked.

  • I’ve been tempted to destroy my neighbors conversion van because it is equipped with one of them.

    Obviously necessary, because thieves see a conversion van from the 1990’s and think of all the $$$ they can get fencing it.

  • Here’s an idea. Put a baby monitor in the car under the seat so when they smash in the middle of the night, you’ll hear it in your bedroom and can call the cops. Can get a simple invertor to plug into the cigarette lighter to power it.

  • There are higher end alarms that have two-way wireless capabilities with ranges of up to two miles, with an accompanying wireless keyfob. It will sense different types of disturbances and alert you accordingly. So if somebody taps your car, you will get just a beep. If somebody smashes a window, you’ll get the full out alarm.

    Much better than having all of your neighbors pissed off at you.

    Or just buy a set of rims from the shop. Those will get stolen instead of the contents of your car.

  • Ya’ll gotta be ready for me and Lil’ Sis when we come down 11th with our whistle tips.

    Wooo Woooo

  • Get a heating pad that will plug into your cigarette lighter, put it on the front seat and keep some live snakes in the car. Non-poisonous of course, but thieves don’t know that.

    • I like this idea. I had a similar idea where you would have what looked like a comfort-pad on your car seat, but when you left your car at night you would plug it in. It would pull a current from the car battery if the pad had any kind of pressure placed on it — thereby delivering a high-voltage shock to the perpetrator. In effect, tasing the perpetrator. The only caveat is that you would have to remember to unplug or somehow deactivate before you got in the car. If I were ambitious enough I would totally troll the halls of a good engineering school to find some student to create a test model.

  • Why non-poisonous?

  • From my window a few weeks ago, I saw a big white van pull up and two guys get out. They walked down mozart pl looking into windows of parked cars. They saw a cop car at the end of the block and quickly got back into the van and drove away. Unfortunately that cop car was empty. Next time I see them, I’m calling the cops and hope you do the same. Car alarms don’t stop them, they just disrupt my sleep.

  • No alarm needed. Just keep cds, GPS, and other articles out of sight in your vehicle. Left inside, they’ll get snatched and windows will be smashed. Let out of sight, sadly they’ll go after someone else’s car.

    • Unfortunately not always the case. For instance, the 3 cars that were broken into- nothing was visible from at least 2 of the 3 cars (didn’t talk to the owner of the 3rd), except maybe for the possible suction cup ring I mentioned before. Since it was 3 cars in the alley, I think they were just trying to get lucky.

  • Better lighting won’t help either. My civic was parked under streetlamp and broken into. I have nothing of value in the car besides a box of tissues. I took everything out and just leave the glove compartment open to show there’s nothing.

    My only question: Did the culprit have to blow his nose that badly to break in?!?!

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