DC Kool T-Shirt Boutique Featuring Local Designers Coming to 14th Street in Columbia Heights

DC Kool will be located at 3441 14th St, NW in Columbia Heights (where the District Authority banner hangs in the photo above.) Their Web site says:

ARTISTS… We are filling our boutique with merchandise Hurry local designers needed. GRAND OPENING IN FEB. 2012…

Something to think about.. “If you spend $100 with a local business, $68 stays in your community; if you spend that $100 with a non local business, $30 stays in your community; and if you spend $100 with an online merchant $0 stays in your community to be spent at your business or to pay to support your community! C’mon DMV!

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy with us. All Local All Hand Made items. If your from the DMV then support the DMV.

Their Craigslist ad says:

“We are opening a store on 14th Street NW selling local designers clothes mainly T-shirts. but we can fill the store up with anything locally made. (art, purses, odd things, whatever!)”

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  • Love the idea, and I’ll be there to welcome them to the neighborhood. Just please tell them that “If your from the DMV . . . ” should read “If you’re from the DMV . . . .”

  • This is great, a critical mass of clothing boutiques (Black Eyed Susie’s, It’s Vintage Darling) are beginning to accumulate on this block; with a few more, it can become a local retail / fashion destination, which would be fantastic for the neighborhood.

  • as long as they don’t displace one of the twenty hair salons in that 3 block radius…

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