DC Conscious Cafe Coming to 1413 H Street, NE

This week in coming to H Street, NE – DC Conscious Cafe. A recent liquor license posted at the Buka Restaurant space at 1413 H St, NE says:

“New Restaurant. World Fusion menu. Social gatherings, book reading and speakers from the community. Entertainment will be provided. Occupancy load is 40.”

Cool. I’m eager to learn more about the book readings and speakers from the community. Sounds like it may have a Busboys and Poets vibe.

Ed. Note: World/global fusion seems to be where it’s at for the moment.

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  • Not to nitpick, but shouldn’t it be “Conscience” Cafe (relating to right vs wrong) and not “Concious” Cafe (meaning not in a coma). I hope they fix that before they get their sign printed. Otherwise it will be like those people who get drunk and get tattoos that are misspelled.

  • I wonder what Obama Chicken is. I’m guessing it’s a dish you wait a long time for, but after the initial elation when it arrives at your table, you’re mostly disappointed with it, even though you know you’ll order it again next time, because the alternatives are far worse 😀

  • Please serve ugali and fufu, and please serve a spicy goat stew. That is all.

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