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  • My experience going there is that its not worth going back.

  • I get ill every time I walk by that place and look at that ugly orange paint job that looks like it was done with spray paint.

  • I guess it’s come a full (polished) circle from when this space was Kaffa House, and one of the first places on U street to host music/poetry etc post riot-revival in the 90s. My buddy plays there with his gogo band tho, so it can’t be long before the place gets shut down….

    Indulj has been holding on, though!

  • I walk by that place every night on the way home from work (between 8-10pm) and I’ve never seen more than two patrons in there at one time. I actually thought it was a front for an Ethiopian gang.

    • Agreed. After I walked by it a few times, I tried to find this place’s website, but could not. There’s rarely anybody inside, and nobody running the place seems to care.

  • I don’t know, I kind of dig their logo.

  • So what does the CB stand for?

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