Carbon Clothing Boutique Closes in Woodley Park

Carbon was located at 2643 Connecticut Ave, NW in Woodley Park. While their Web site is no longer active, their Facebook page said they closed Dec. 27th and the description said:

In early 2011, Katherine Limon, DC’s eco-fashion stylist behind My Signature Look LLC, acquired Carbon as the vehicle to bring more eco-fashions to the DC area. Carbon offers functional yet chic men’s and women’s shoes produced by small brands and clothing, accessories, and handbags by local and international independent designers using sustainable materials and/or methods in their production. Carbon – your destination for sustainable style!

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  • I take Yoga right next door and wanted to shop there — but it was never open – even on Saturday. It might have stayed in business if it had ever been open.

  • You didn’t miss anything… unless you’re a frivolous millionaire with a love for high fashion. Nice stuff though.

  • My biggest problem with them was the quality of the clothes. Great materials and everything, but I’m not going to pay $100+ for a skirt that has a few stray threads coming out of the seams… All of the shoes were also about $20 less on Amazon.
    I really wish that some of these great boutique stores would cater those of us with budgets somewhere around Zara or Ann Taylor.

  • Also might have been a problem with the look/marketing. I’ve walked by that place hundreds of times and never would have ever, ever guessed that they specialized in high-end “eco-fashion.” The weird flashing blue light made me assume that they sold cheap club wear or something.

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