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  • When bars have price wars, we all win.

  • $6 for a mimosa? Wow I better run down there before they run out.

  • I’m just excited for a brunch option that is open before 11. We are early risers and most places in the area don’t open until later.

  • $5 and $6 EACH??? $7 bottomless at Tap & Parlor on U. You can also score $2 bloodies, mimosas, harveys and screwdrivers at Red Derby.

  • Boxcar loses due to egregious apostrophe error.

  • ledroittiger

    Has anyone even tasted these?

  • Look, I get that it’s Eastern Market and all, but both of those options are egregiously overpriced. We can start talking about this when one of these two starts offering bottomless mimosa/BMs for <$12.

    • They can afford to do it, though, because there are so many people desperate for brunch on the weekends. We always brunch at Zest (most people don’t make it that far down 8th) or Pound (most people don’t consider going to a coffee shop) because they’re the only two that don’t have at least an hour wait.

  • Went to try out Boxcar on Saturday. Excellent food but a pretty weak bloody mary. Too much spice, a little watery, and the tomato juice was low-quality. On the bright side they have some great beers on tap to make you forget about the bloody mary.

  • More news on this block– last night I noticed the Hospice Association building new door is up for lease. It’s such a beautiful building and I can’t wait to see what it becomes.

  • Hey all! That’s my chalkboard from Tunni’s. To be fair, we’ve offered our Bloody’s, Irish Coffees and Mimosas for $5 for as long as I can remember. We make our mix from scratch and rarely have complaints. As for a “war” with next door, we aren’t trying to start that. Since I started Sept. 4, last year, I’ve been putting our specials on the board outside everyday. We welcome new businesses to 7th, the more traffic coming to our street, the better!

    • +1 to you, Danielle. I walk past the specials every day, and the comments on Tunni’s board tend to brighten them.

  • Took the test. Tunnicliff’s wins by a landslide. Boxcar is a nice pub. But, they serve bad bloody marys. Taste as if their recipe is 1 part tomato juice, 1 part water, then 1 part vodka – do not mix.

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