At Large Council Member Vincent Orange Parks in 15th St, NW Bike Lane – Apologizes

Thanks to @tsb_dc for sending the photo. He writes:

“Happy New Year from DC Council member at large. 15th St bike lane at M st”

At least a Greater Greater Washington commenter notes that CM Vincent Orange apologized:

“I’m very sorry! I apologize for parking in the bike lane.”

I honestly think it’s a very good sign that an apology was issued so quickly.

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  • Good to see that this city’s public servants are driving around in Cadillacs.

  • I might agree, except that it’s pretty obvious that this is not a legal parking space. Even VO5 isn’t that dumb.

  • He knew what he was doing.

  • Myopic twits have nothing better to do? Get a life.

  • Is he sorry for the bundled illegal campaign contributions too?

  • Again, basic disregard for the law and for fellow citizens. A fine example

  • This is what pols do. If I had winking immunity from tickets, I’d park anywhere I pleased in town. Damn straight. None of this park in Giant-Tivoli lot just to pick up stuff from Sticky Fingers on the way home crap.

  • halfsmoke

    Tree air freshener…

  • This is the second time this month folks have posted pictures of Council member cars being illegally parked — 1st was the Barry car parked illegally near barracks row and now Orange — and I don’t see a parking ticket in sight.

  • Apology means next to nothing unless he actually stops parking in bike lanes.

  • I at least appreciate that he didn’t try to pass off some bs excuse

  • If he parked next to fire hydrant, joined the dozens of church goers in double parking or too close to a curb, there wouldnt be the outrage – but because he parked on ground that is sacred to the entitled yuppie, this is a scandal.

    There are far bigger problems with Orange than this.

    • It’s funny that you think of bicycles as a sacred entitled yuppie mode of transportation when we are looking at a picture of a Cadillac… I’m sure if Chairman Mao were to posthumously read your post he would be so embarrassed.

      • It’s not the mode of transportation that is being called entitled and ‘yuppie-fied’, it’s those who use it AND act like they roll on sacred, unassailable ground.

        • I was making fun of the irony that bikers using a bike lanes are being called entitled yuppies when the exact opposite is happening in the photo.

          • There really isnt any irony and leave Chairman Mao out of it. He has nothing to do with it. Your failed attempts at hipster humor wouldnt even be funny on Portlandia.

          • Now things are double dripping in irony my emotional friend.

    • Is it also a sense of entitlement for car owners to demand that bike owners not park their bikes in the middle of the street? Clearly the bike lane is for bikes, not for car-parking. Pretty simple, really.

  • This has the ring of someone who’s “sorry” because he got caught, as opposed to sorry for doing something he shouldn’t have been doing.

  • Give VO the boot. Vote David Grosso in the April primary.

  • “I honestly think it’s a very good sign that an apology was issued so quickly. ”

    “Very good sign”? That’s setting the bar pretty low…

    Why can’t we set the standard as being Tommy Wells, the councilmember with the most integrity? Enough with this “well it could have been worse” attitude that makes us content with mediocrity (at best).

    • Park illegally if you want, perfunctorily apologize if someone sees you. Rules are for little people.

      If we tolerate this kind of “civic leader”, we deserve every corrupt dysfunction they visit upon us.

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