Artomatic Returns to Crystal City in 2012

From a press release:

Artomatic returns to Crystal City in 2012 for its signature free arts event, to be held in the biggest Artomatic building ever, from May 18 – June 24. At its last event in 2009, Artomatic attracted more than 76,000 visitors to see work by more than 2,500 artists and performers. The Crystal City Business Improvement District (BID) is thrilled to announce that Artomatic will take over the Transwestern Presidential Tower, entrance at 2511 S. Clark St. in Crystal City, VA, with a special opening night celebration on May 18.

Artomatic is well-known for transforming empty spaces into vibrant arts communities that celebrate creativity and create a unique and exciting event for tens of thousands of visitors – all free to visit. Anyone can show art at Artomatic – there is no criteria to participate, and art is selected on a first-come, first serve basis – so it’s a great way to discover new art.

Every night of the event, thousands of people visit Artomatic to discover new art, grab a drink, listen to music, go on dates, and mingle with the creative community. Artomatic features dozens of daytime art workshops for kids. (Please know that some art displayed at Artomatic may be inappropriate for children). No matter what kind of creative events you like, you’ll find something to like at Artomatic.

“Crystal City is the perfect partner to take Artomatic to the next level in 2012. With the largest exhibit space we’ve ever had, we’re excited to host the biggest event in Artomatic’s history,” said George Koch, an original founder of Artomatic. “No matter what kind of creative events you like, you’ll find something you like at Artomatic. Come explore new art, listen to music, enjoy a film, or visit our fashion show!”

For the latest information about the event, how to participate, and when to visit, subscribe to Artomatic by email or Facebook, and check the Artomatic website for updates.

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  • Glad to see it’s making a comeback, though I wish they could have found a location within the city. Not sure I’ll make it out to CC.

    • Yes a full 3 stops from L’Enfant Plaza. You must never “make it out” to such far flung places as Cleveland Park, RFK or Eastern Market for that matter.

      • Actually, I live and work in the Eastern Market/RFK area, though you’re right that I don’t go to Cleveland Park very often. I just dislike Crystal City so much that I don’t end up going to events that are there. And I’m kind of surprised, with real estate being so expensive out there, that there wasn’t a cheaper alternative in DC.

    • Really? Compared to the last location (Navy Yard) this is only *one* more stop on Metro if you are coming south on Green/Yellow line. I spend maybe 2-3% of my leisure time in Virginia these days, but it’s not going to kill me to cross the river for this event. If you have a low-cost space in the city remotely big enough to hold this event I’m sure the organizers are all ears.

      • Mt. Rainier would have been a more appropriate (and probably much less expensive) location. There’s a big art community out there.

        • i couldn’t disagree more. i think mt rainier would be a horrible location. mount rainier doesn’t have a single building large enough to host it. there is no parking available. there is nowhere to go out to eat, or a bar to go to. also, they don’t have a BID, so it would probably NOT be less expensive. having lots of artists somewhere doesn’t mean that it’s a good place for an art show. an area with lots of arts patrons is better.

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