Another Building on the 3900 Block of Georgia Ave, NW Getting Fixed Up

It’s great to see this section of Georgia Ave, NW continue to get fixed up. This former rundown building is located at 3927 Georgia Ave, NW. You can see what it looked like (2nd photo) in October here.

You like the way it’s turning out?

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  • So far I’m unimpressed.

  • I dont know if I like the huge window but ill wait to see the final product and what type of business/living space it will be. I like how this section of GA Ave is turning out, once the safeway is re-done I can see that area really taking off…then hopefully development can move north and re-do the mess that is the Kennedy St corridor.

  • orderedchaos

    Not a huge fan, but compared to its former condition this is Frank Lloyd Wright-esque. Always happy to see dead buildings reborn!

  • Any word on what’s going in there?

  • Very excited to see this, and I’m looking forward to what becomes of it. Has anyone heard anything about when the Safeway ‘complex’ will begin construction? The last I saw on PoP it was estimating to begin last Nov. I tried looking for updates online but I didn’t find anything (but I didn’t look very hard either). Thanks!

    • orderedchaos

      In the December ANC4C meeting, the council voted unanimously in favor of Safeway’s proposed “public space work” — not sure exactly what the work was, but it needed approval (and got it) before they could start. Haven’t heard an update to Safeway’s project schedule though.

  • Been watching this one progress nicely. It was totally exposed a couple weeks ago down to the floor joists and studs. Hope a nice new business comes in soon! Read about the safeway on DC Mud a while back, but that one will probably take a year or so to get all through construction documents, demo, and initial foundation etc….

  • According to this it looks like construction will start late this year.

  • this is a couple houses down from Qualia. I saw them digging out the elevated front yard. It is an interesting approach to getting more space and I think it is a good idea in a commercial strip to make it easy to approach a front door right off the street.

  • It’s for rent for 1800/mo (basement and 1st floor, commercial)
    Is that the market rate in the neighborhood? Would a cafe work there or too much competition with Qualia?

  • Every time we walk by that place, my wife and I wonder what they are planning on doing with it. Anyone heard anything?

  • Nice to see something coming. I think this is a few doors down from Qualia Cafe, which is showing some cool artwork by a local artist (apart from having great coffee, by the way).

  • Oh my goodness, this is horrible. If you’re going to go modern, go modern all the way and tear off the cornice at the top. It’s as bad as suburban mcmansions that have a mash of 4-5 architectural styles in one building. Yipes.

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