Annie’s Ace Hardware Opens in Petworth Feb. 7th

Thanks to everyone who wrote in about the new murals that went up at Annie’s Ace Hardware, coming to 1240 Upshur Street, NW. The murals/maps were done by Petworth’s own Torie Partridge.

I stopped by last Friday and took a quick tour to get a sense of the space pre-shelving. Plus the outdoor gardening section is still being finished as well. A master gardener is also on staff! I can’t wait to see the space once the shelving goes in.

And since Spring is around the corner, I was also psyched to see we’ll have a new spot to get our propane refilled. And the date is in stone – opening Feb. 7th!

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  • Thanks so much for featuring these here! Working with Anne has been so rewarding, and her dedication to supporting local Petworth business was impressive. I’m thrilled that my work gets to grace her storefront!

    Torie Partridge
    Cherry Blossom Muralworks

  • Happy Birthday to me! It’s gonna be a big project year!

  • extremely impressive. even though this is a bit out of my way compared to home depot I will definitely do some shopping here. best of luck to all involved!

  • Great adition to the neighborhood, two blocks from home, I don’t need to go to the RI homedepot anymore.

  • LisaT

    This is so exciting! Annie’s will be getting a lot of business from us (because something is always wrong with a 100 year old house). Perhaps that master gardener could hold some classes for us know-nothings who’d like to do some urban/container gardening?

    Love the murals. They’re beautiful.

  • SUPER excited! Looking forward to having it in the neighborhood!

  • The murals look awesome and we are so excited that the store is going to open. We have been eagerly anticipating this!!!

  • Awesome. Previously I’d go to the ACE in Takoma, or the Brentwood Home Depot. This is a much closer, option.

    Love the murals!

    • T


      I’m pretty sure I saw shelves going up yesterday (or Sunday, I don’t remember) evening. And they have a new lighted Benjamin Moore sign out front.

  • Great addition to the neighborhood!

  • So excited for this to open! Even if it means it’s one less excuse to not work on the million projects we have around the house…

    Oh, and I love the idea of a small urban gardening workshop!

  • This is awesome and will be really nice being able to walk to this in the neighborhood. Cool murals too! Digging those. Looking forward to it opening.

  • Wow, love the murals, beautiful! Very excited to have this store in the area as well, and love that they have a local / community focus. Well done.

  • I’m so excited to have this store opening! I’ve already promised myself to never go to a Home Depot unless absolutely necessary. I’ve mainly been going to Frager’s on Capitol Hill or Strosnider’s. This new Ace is only 2 blocks away – perfect for us. I met the owner at the Farmer’s Market this summer and she sounds very interested in getting feedback from customers on what they would like the store to sell. I’m very excited about the garden center aspect. Does anyone know what brand(s) of paint they will carry? Fingers crossed for Benjamin Moore.

    • We will be selling both Benjamin Moore and Clark & Kensington paint (Ace’s new brand).

      Also, love the idea about gardening classes. Will definitely look into this.


  • Are the murals going to stay? I think they should. Or if the store doesn’t want all of its windows covered, maybe it could leave a few up and change them on a rotating basis. They’re fantastic!

    • i agree! the murals look great!

    • Yes, the murals are here to stay and I’ve been having discussions with Torie and the DC Shirt and Print Company (in Takoma Park, DC…awesome dudes, BTW) about having them put on tote bags, t-shirts etc. Also, Torie has done some cool note cards with the Petworth map on them. Maybe she’ll do some more!

  • Much as I’d love to be excited about this, I’ve been in enough Ace franchises to know where this is headed. It will be awesome for about 8 weeks, then the inventory will start to get depleted and 1 out of every 5 items you come in for will be out of stock. Around that time they’ll start to notice that a lot of inventory has left the store without ever showing up as being sold, which will result in more high margin, low usefulness-factor crap (pet toys, 5 million different keychains, cheap flashlights, Redskins nail clippers) crowding the shelves as they try to make cash to cover the shrinkage. Right about then the prices for staples like paint and lumber will rise as well. As a small business they will not be able to spare employee time to actually take inventory, though, so the shelves will continue to be barren of stuff you actually need since they don’t always know they’re out of stock. After about 3 years it will look like Logan hardware, sunny and cheerful but with lots of gaps on the shelves that never get filled. A few years later they will stop giving a crap about figuring out what they do and don’t have and just start ramming it all together like the 17th Street Ace, and it will start looking like that rathole.

    Like I said, I hope I’m not right about this, but I feel like hoping it won’t happen is like watching a horror film and hoping the shadowy guy with the knife isn’t going to kill the girl in the shower: that’s just not how the movie goes.

    • I’m kinda with you, except that I think it’s pretty unfair to slam 17th Street true value at the end of all this. For a place with showroom that’s the size of a Chinese carry out, they do a pretty remarkable job as far as stocking useful stuff and having a staff that knows what a light bulb is.

      But this place looks like it could fill the void between a keymaker & picture-wire store, and Home Depot. Why? Because it’s got the space. I can’t think of any other indie hardware stores in DC that don’t suffer largely because they are crammed into a shoe box. Exception — Galliher & Hugihley, which is awesome, but is also rarely open when I’m not at work.

    • As long as you’re the girl in the shower

  • What’s the western boundary of Petworth these days? 13th Street? 16th Street? Curious where this has moved to.

    • RE: boundaries

      Petworth definitely does not extend as far as 16th street. Longtime residents typically consider the area near where the store is located as part of 16th Street Heights. But I understand the desire to call it Petworth, since everyone knows where that is. Honestly, that part of town that is north of Columbia Heights probably deserves a new nickname. Probably only a matter of time until real estate agents start calling it NoCoHeights.

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