ACKC Closes in Logan Circle

Back in Sept. ’11 I noted that the building home to ACKC Chocolates and Bistro was for sale. At the time they commented:

Hello All, I just wanted to let you know we are NOT closing. We are not sure how this got around, but we have a 10 year lease and still going strong. The landlord is 100% with us. Sorry to those who have not had a good experience with ACKC…we do have a new staff and have changed the venue a lot recently. We hope you give us a second chance to change your mind about us.

Not sure if it’s just a coincidence but thanks to all who sent emails about this while I was away.

Back on Dec. 28th the folks from ACKC wrote in an email:

Artfully Chocolate is beginning the new year by taking the unfortunate, yet necessary step of closing the doors at the Logan Circle location (ONLY) at 1529 14th Street, NW. (Our last day open will be 12/31/11. However, stay tuned to Constant Contact and Facebook for a special post-closing sale we will have on 1/1/12.)

We will sorely miss serving our friends and customers at the Logan Circle location, but look forward to seeing you at our Alexandria stores. Many factors contributed to the situation that caused us to take this action, but the loyalty of our customers was never in doubt.

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  • Last time I went here it look 20+ min to get a hot chocolate. It was pretty good but not 20+ min wait good.

  • Seriously? I got a friend a ACKC gift card for christmas on Dec 12th, and they never mentioned they’d be closing in a 2 weeks. that sucks. Who’s gonna go down to alexandria to use a coffee shop gift card, when you live in logan circle?

  • On the door there was a sign which said they were closing for family issues, or something along that line.

    Unfortunate, I always had a good experience there.

  • Customer service was always so dodgy I couldn’t imagine how they stayed in business so long.

  • Never could really figure out what this place was– Everyday candy store? Dessert shop? Sorta bistro? Special occasions chocolates? And yes, it didn’t help that you would be completely ignored when you walked in the place. The chocolate were good though, if you’re into that sorta thing.

  • They seemd to fail as a choclate store–little traffic on that side andthe chocolate was overpriced for what it was. The drinks, etc. seemed to do a good business, though the service was inconsistent. it was the kind of place I tried to like but often left emptyhanded.

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