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If you have any fun or interesting animal/pet photos please shoot me an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com with ‘Animal Fix’ in the title and say the name of your pet and what neighborhood you’re from or upload to the PoPville flickr pool with your pets name and neighborhood. I can’t guarantee I’ll get them all posted but I’ll do my best.

“Found this little guy in Meridian Hill Park this morning. No tags, extremely skinny and very friendly. He has been taken to the shelter on New York Ave. If anyone is looking for a new family member, he is a VERY sweet little guy. I hope he finds a fantastic home!”

Cosmo back home safe and sound. Ed. Note: Thanks to all of PoPville who kept their eyes peeled.

“bodhi and lucy”

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  • anon. gardener

    Cosmo is adorable. I want to scratch his furry little forehead.

  • Yay for Cosmo’s return! And thank you whoever went out of their way to help the sweet (scowling) pup found in Meridian Hill park.

  • To the OP and the rest of POP community, the NY Ave shelter is a kill shelter (read Yelp reviews for the DC Humane Society and this article to see the muck ups that have gone on there– which means that if the pup in the pic above doesn’t get adopted he/she will likely be put down. In the future, the Washington Animal Rescue League, a no-kill shelter, might be a better choice for surrendering homeless animals.

    • That is the most horrifying article ever. I would be inconsolable if that happened to my cat.

    • There is NO SUCH THING as a “no kill” shelter. A “no kill” shelter simply takes the 10-20% of the most adorable adoptable dogs from the other – tragically realistic shelters – and leaves them to deal with the awful reality of having to euthanize the thousands of others.

  • bodhi and lucy made me literally laugh out loud.

  • I was about to email the same to the finder – NY Ave shelter is a KILL shelter. For future turn-ins contact WARL on Oglethorpe St NW. I’m sure you thought you were doing your best but you might have been better to leave him in the park!

  • This comes straight off the WARL website – it means that they do not take in strays!!! Get your facts right before you start criticizing someone for trying to do the right thing. Also – as bad as the Humane Society is, at least they will hold strays and there are many stories of people finding their animals too. We adopted out kitty from them mostly BECAUSE it’s such a sad place:

    The Washington Animal Rescue League is a limited admissions shelter, meaning that we do not take animals if we do not have space for them and we are not contracted by the District of Columbia to take in strays or perform animal control functions. We do not take cats from the public; our cats come from the Washington Humane Society and other local open admission shelters. All animals, regardless of the source, are evaluated individually and the decision to take an animal into our shelter is based on adoptability and space in the facility or availability of foster homes.

  • alissaaa

    To the OP–It might be worth reaching out to a Boxer rescue group and letting them know that this guy is at the NY Ave shelter–The rescue groups are usually great about sending people to get the dogs, fostering them and finding them new homes.

  • I took a found dog to WARL the summer before last and was told, as one poster wrote, that they do not accept animals from individuals. I then took the sweet dog to the NY Animal Shelter, where the staff was really rude to me and did not seem to believe that I truly had found the dog and wasn’t surrendering my own dog. The whole thing was terrible.

    At the same time, though, I wasn’t able to keep the dog in my apartment (no dogs allowed and this dog was a barker), so this was my only option. At least taking the dog to a shelter gives the animal a chance to be adopted, rather than likely dying in the cold weather. Stray animals seem super common in the Columbia Heights/Shaw/U Street area. Honestly, after I’m out of this apartment, the next time I find a stray dog or cat that’s not micro-chipped (Friendship Animal Hospital will check for free), I’m just going to take the animal in and post my own “found dog” fliers to see if I can find the owner. If there’s no owner, I’ll find someone to take the dog or cat in myself. Obviously, that’s not an option for most people, though, so the poster did the right thing by taking the dog to the New York Ave. shelter.

  • I’m the OP of the found dog. I do feel terrible that it is a kill shelter (sounds naive but I didn’t know that before). I have now contacted several area rescues in the hopes one of them will take him (thanks alissaaa for the suggestion!). Honestly it was slightly overwhelming to figure out what to do at the time and someone walking her own dog asked me to call SPCA. He was trying to follow other dogs into traffic, so my priority was to get him safe. He was absolutely emaciated, so I don’t believe leaving him in the park was a good option (as someone suggested). I couldn’t leave him there, and I was trying to help. Again, I feel terrible and I hope that he was able to be examined at the shelter and hopefully adopted, either through a rescue group or someone at the shelter. I hope that anyone who finds themselves in my situation would try to help and not just walk away because it was inconvenient- as several people in the park did. Happy Holidays and thanks to everyone who offered suggestions!

    • You did the right thing. When I was looking for a dog, the NY Ave shelter was the first place I looked. My previous dog came from them; I know others people who have adopted pets from them as well.

      Some animals are euthanized at the NY Ave shelter. And some animals are adopted into their “forever homes.”

    • You totally did the right thing – above and beyond. Please don’t let ignorant posters make you feel guilty.

    • You absolutely did the right thing! Thank you for doing it … I wish more people took the initiative that you did … thank you!

      • Yes, what everyone said. Thanks for taking the dog to a shelter where s/he can be fed and evaluated for adoption.

        Speaking from my own experience, there is a shortage of adoptable dogs in DC and a cutie like this one should have no trouble in finding a loving home somewhere.

        Taking stray dogs to the DC animal shelter is exactly the right thing to do.

    • I apologize for sounding like I was scolding you for taking the animal to the NY shelter, as that was the furthest thing from my intent. I had just read the article about the NY Ave shelter, and had just attneded a HART function out in VA (which IS a no-kill shelter that will take in strays, older animals, the sick and the injured for those who insist that these types of shelters don’t exist) and wanted to pass along the information I had gathered. Here is HART’s website

  • How many times do we have to go over this, WARL is not an open admission shelter (not required to take in all animals, and it also DOES NOT take in all animals). Also, it DOES kill animals it deems to be unadoptable, and their standards are not the highest out there! It is beyond me why people out there who do not know the ins-and-outs of the rescue world in this area can constantly post inaccurate and simply false statements!

    When people lose their animals in this city the place for them to find them in the Washington Human Society. They are legally required to hold lost animals for a certain number of days in hopes the owner will be found. After that the animal is put up for adoption, this is when private rescue groups like WARL and others step in and take animals. If you don’t drop off a lost animal to WHS it may never find its way home, that is not fair to the animal. If you are so upset about WHS being a kill-shelter then SIGN UP to become a foster (like I have), then, when you turn in lost dogs (like I have twice) you can offer to foster the dog if it is not claimed by an owner. One pup I found was reunited with his owner, the other was adopted out, I never even had to foster it.

    Posting incorrect information on this blog does nobody any good, most certainly not the animals!!!

    • +1,000 about WHS. They are a public shelter, open 24/7 and the city’s animal control. I hate when people say “I support WARL because they’re no kill!”. Oh great, so you support a group that picks the cutest, healthiest dogs/cats? Great. Obviously WARL also does great things, but WHS doesn’t have the luxury of picking animals.

      anyway, I believe WHS has 3 days of holding before an animal is health and behavior tested. A friendly, cute boxer/boxer mix would be put up for adoption.

      As a 5+ year volunteer with WHS, I get really irritated when people think they’re better than the “pound”. They do amazing things for this city’s animals all the time, so you best recognize! One bad story gets headlines, yet none of the hundreds of good stories get any? Makes sense.

  • However if you call WARL they can often refer you to smaller groups that can help with individual circumstances if WARL itself can’t help. Have found this on many occasions.

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