Work Finally Begins at 14th and V St, NW?

Thanks to a reader for sending the photo and word that:

“Not sure it this means actual progress, but they are replacing the roof at 14th and V.”

Back in Sept. ’10 we had learned that a new Tex Mex restaurant, La Fonda, had applied for a liquor license at the old AM PM carryout at 14th and V St, NW. La Fonda was going to be a:

“New Mexican restaurant offering “Tex-Mex” styled cuisine with live entertainment featuring a single musician and karaoke. Seating capacity is 220. Total occupancy load is 332. Sidewalk Café with seating for 48.”

Sadly, it appeared the deal fell through as there was little sign of progress on the building. Great to see work starting. It’ll be interesting to see if this means La Fonda is back on board or if someone else will be coming into the space. Stay tuned.

July 2010

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  • Didn’t the space below Cobalt used to be La Fonda? It was all right. It can’t possibly be the same people/business this many years later, right?

  • someone PLEASE…what is going on with this building???

  • Why are there always shiftless looking dudes (and occaisionally women) hanging around the V Street side of this building? Is there some sort of out-patient drug rehab center there? If so, that crowd is not going to help encourage folks to try a new a restaurant next door.

    • “Shiftless”? I must say, they do have a tendency to automatically scare me.

    • Yes – there was a Methadone Clinic on the V St. side until a year or so ago. That might be the reason a few people still hang out there. Habit, I guess. I pass this place daily on my drive home and can only imagine what a great indoor and outdoor venue it could be. The potential is absolutely fabulous and once people start using it as a tavern/restaurant, the hangers-on will move on. Just look across the street! Busboys and Poets. Eatonville. Just a little on the downside is the shoe repairman in the Reeves Building. I dropped off a pair of shoes once to be shined and they turned out just awful. I’m sure he used some kind of liquid, because it just pealed off. Never again.

  • Signs on window say applicant is Dupont Italian Kitchen.

  • OP here. The owner of Dupont Italian Kitchen owns the building. He applied for an alcohol license last year for a new Tex Mex restaurant called La Fonda. I am not sure what is going on with the building or why construction is taking so long.

  • to djdc – Yes La Fonda was on the street level at Cobalt a very long time ago. And to others it is the owners of Dupont Italian Kitchen who are supposedly opening a new restaurant but work has definitely stopped in recent months.

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