Whoa, Coolest Place to Work in the City?

Last week we spoke about Living Social’s new building getting worked on at 7th and New York Ave, NW. But check out what I saw at one of their other awesome buildings in Penn Quarter (F St, NW). A liquor license on this beautiful building says:

The purpose of the establishment is to offer services and programming for Living Social members and employees. The establishment will provide an entertainment space that offers unique athletic, educational, artistic, and culinary classes with minimal focus on live musical entertainment.


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  • A beautiful Romanesque building. The modern infill piece next door is also quite handsome. Both have nice vertical proportions, rare in this town. A great example of how buildings of different styles can work in harmony to create a vibrant street wall.

  • Looking forward to this!!!!

  • SO jealous. (The organization I work for is even history and preservation related, and we don’t have an office in an awesome building like that…we’re stuck in a hideous 80s office building because the rent is cheap. *sigh*)

  • you missed taking photos of the side of the building facing the ally. I remember walking by here years and years ago where there was little happening here and longing for this place. IT IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL – the arches, the doors, the windows in the alley. aweomse

  • My brother-in-law is an engineer and worked on that building 11 or so years ago when they were gutted it, tore down most of the inside and rebuilt what you see now. He said there was a blocked off area of the basement with bolted down benches and chains. No one knows what the story was or if it had anything to do with immigration… but it’s freaky either way, no?

  • I really like the letters on the window that say American Inmigration Law Center. I hope Living Social keeps them.

  • A lot of people are questioning Living Social’s long-term viability so all this expansion looks pretty crazy and over-ambitious, but it’s a beautiful building nonetheless.

    • Yeah I was wondering about that myself. With everyone and their mother getting in on the daily deal game, and with Groupon apparently hemorrhaging money, how long do they expect to exist, especially with extravagances like this?

      • Sounds way too much like all the overly-ambitious tech start-ups of a decade ago. And we all know how that turned out. I guess not everybody learned their lesson from that era.

  • For a sec I thought this was the old 9:30 club. It’s actually past the ally a few doors down.

  • Living Social is beginning to remind me of Entertainment 720, Pawnee, Indiana’s premiere entertainment conglomerate that doesn’t really do anything but pay professional athletes to shoot hoops all day. In a market becoming saturated with Living Social types, I wouldn’t be too quick on the victory lap.

  • That used to be my office last year! That front room is a huge space with killer ceiling details. Being right there on the alley was a bit annoying at times with the beep beep beep of trucks and such, but nothing compares to having what was essentially a store front for an office. A lot of actors and crew people for Ford’s Theatre use that alley to run out for snacks between shows, and a lot of tourists like to walk it and follow the footsteps of John Wilkes Booth. On the weekends a lot of people like to have sex and poop in that alley too, though probably not at the same time. Maybe consecutively.

  • I used to go to a barbershop that was in this building that was on the 2nd floor.– when F Street was desolate and the building was a runned down mess. Oh if the characters who used to hang out at that barbershop could see the place now.

  • I understand that the interior has/had some of the great details that the outside still has, cool old elevator, fireplaces in some offices, etc., and that they are essentially gutting the place. Too bad.

  • LivingSocial is doing a lot more than the daily deals bit, they have online ordering, vacations, and more now. I see them here to stay.

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