Welcome to Prince of Petworth 3.0!

Thanks to everyone who’s written emails and tweets about the new site! While there still may be a few hiccups, I’m super psyched. Is anyone having any problems registering or commenting on the main section, forum, or classified section?

If you were registered on the old site you will receive an email with temp password for the new site. Please let me know if you don’t get one.

For those who use mobile and tablet version of PoP, stay tuned, those versions are coming soon.

Also after (if) you register, your profile pages will include the forum and classified page activity.

I’m psyched to see that the forum section has already kicked off over the weekend (you’ll need to register to participate):

Topics being discussed are Runners in bike lanes?.


non-owner’s car insurance in DC.

and I posted a set of keys a reader found.

I look forward to someone kicking off the classified section. Note you can upload photos of your item there.

Please let me know if anyone’s having any problems on the main site, forum, classifieds, or anywhere else.

And thanks again for all the kind words!

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  • Wow I love it! Great job PoP!

  • LOVE IT!!! So glad you have real estate and classifieds now.

  • Wow! The site looks awesome PoP! Great upgrade!

  • At first I thought it said “I look forward to kicking someone off of the classified section.” Adult-onset dyslexia or something.

    Also, I don’t have access to my email at the office, so I guess I’ll have to wait to log in.

    I like the new look.

  • The site’s running super slow at the moment. Perhaps your new service provider has underestimated peak loads?

  • GiantSquid

    Prince, I was registered on the old site and haven’t received an email on how to register on the new site. When I try to register, it says the name is taken. Help please! This squid wants to comment!

  • Looks great! It does seem to be running slow though…

  • Yep looks good! Does seem pretty slow to me though, and I’m trying to register but I’m not getting the emails that it says I should be getting.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Site is very slow right now and we’re working on fixing that and the other commenting/registration problems ASAP. Sorry guys!

  • looks great Dan – congratulations

  • would love a mobile version. is that on the way?

  • MsNesbitt

    Is there any way to change how my user name is stylized? Maybe I have a touch of OCD, but I like the M and N to be capitalized, and when I registered, it automatically went all lowercase. Otherwise, I think the new site looks great! Congrats, PoP!

  • I like the site overall. Much more Web 2.X feeling with all the bells and whistles. Hopefully it’s easier for you to admin as well.

    My biggest beef is that the center frame with the actual content is only 500 pixels wide. Coupled with the larger font, every page requires a lot of scrolling.

    May I suggest removing the borders on the left and right edges of the site and use it to dynamically widen the center frame based on the monitor’s supported resolution? On my 1280 x 1024 monitor, that would increase the width from 500 pixels to 700 pixels, or a 40% increase.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Good idea! We’ll see if we can make it work.

    • I’m in agreement about the lack of space left for the post itself. I don’t anticipate becoming an active user of the new features, and would like the site’s focus to remain on the blog posts. In v3.0, however, the posts are a bit crowded out by ads and site metadata.

      I believe that the strength and value of this blog comes from the tireless enthusiasm and love that PoP has for both discovering and sharing the beautiful life that our fair city has to offer. I hope that the blog posts themselves can continue to reign supreme over all other content on the site, in part through clean, clear presentation and a bit of decluttering.

      • totally agree with denizen and irving. really missing the cleaner look of the old site. the column on the right (ads etc) seem like it could be smaller to allow the actual blog entry more prominence. sadly, it is reminding me more of the dcist redesign. i used to read it religiously and now the design gives me a headache so i never do. hoping there is still a chance for design tweaks…

        • Agree. Need to widen the center and narrow the edges. Keep main focus on the core content. Content is king!

  • pablo .raw

    Is the forum going to replace the “Dear PoP” section?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It’ll be a combination at first and we’ll see how it goes from there! Of course, I’ll be highlighting topics on the main page as well.

  • congrats pop!

  • Like the new site!

    Only problem is when I try to login it keeps telling me I have to update my password and that I’m still using the temporary password although I’ve already changed it. Preventing me from posting on a registered account.

    • I had this problem earlier too. I just typed in my new password for all fields and it seemed to alleviate the error.

    • Site looks great!
      I’m having similar problems to CHSC. I registered and signed in, but I can only reply to a comment, it seems. If I try to comment, it tells me to sign in.

    • Took no action and it seems to be working fine all of a sudden. Great!

  • The site looks great. Nice job!

  • It looks great, PoP, congratulations!!

    I really like the new category divisions at the top of the page (coming from someone who likes keeping things tidy and reader-friendly), as well as the classifieds and forum features.

    I agree with what Denizen said above re: the center of the page, and Irving’s two cents about keeping the focus on the blog posts.

    One thing I do miss already is seeing your little froggy pic in the comment thread – I hope that comes back! It’s helpful to scroll through threads to see if you gave any updates/responses to comments.

    Thanks for everything, PoP, keep up the great work!

  • I’m willing to give it time and try and get with the program, I appreciate the difficulties of a renovation – but so far the new format just plain hurts my eyes. The typeface is just too big, jangly, high-contrast. The flashing/scrolling ads intrusive. Visually very cluttered. It feels like we’ve gone from Tryst to Times Square.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Hmm, not sure why the frog isn’t showing up.

  • Dan and the site team: A couple things I’ve noticed…

    1) If you’re subscribed to the comment feeds on old posts (as I am), the new posts are being pushed to the RSS feed as if they were comments. That means that every day, each comment feed I’m subscribed to says that there are about 20 new comments in the feed, when that’s not true. Not sure how to fix that, but it seems like it’s just a simple case of lines being crossed somewhere in the back end.

    2) I’m getting a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom. Any chance you can change things up so the site automatically reads the browser width, and sizes the page appropriately to avoid the side scroll?

    Otherwise, everything seems to be playing nicely. Do you have a certain font that you’d prefer the site to be viewed in? Not sure if I have the best ones loaded on my machine.

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