Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

This rental is located at 813 Maryland Ave, NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“All utilities included, Beautiful one bedroom/ one bath remodelled english basement apt with hardwood floors, beautiful kitchen and bath in a remodelled historic beautiful brick building. The apt has a nice size bedroom, storage space, hardwood floors, nice closet space, central AC/ heat and 2 different entrances (privacy) full size washer and dryer, high ceilings, fireplace. Excellent location- close to downtown and the hill. Walking distance to Union Station metro and train, one block from grocery stores, coffee shop, 711, restaurants, salons, coffee shops, park, farmers market, church, etc. Apt is in a remodelled beautiful historic building. Apt space entails, the whole first floor of the building- lots of privacy and private entrance. Plenty of street parking. Great deal ! all utilities included and good size apt. about 975 + Pet friendly building. Available December 18”

$1259 sound right for this 1 bed?

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  • Allison

    Not bad at all! Nice neighborhood– I used to walk through it all the time during my lunch break when I worked near Union Station. Can’t guarantee what the place is like at night, but it always seemed decent to me.

  • Decision made on a first come first serve basis? After attending several open houses for apartments in that general area with much higher rent, I predict the landlord will have at least 5 people willing to come by tonight.

  • We looked at this exact same apartment last July when we were looking for places to live. They also had an open house, attended by a ton of people, most of whom applied for it. They actually turned down our application, even though we were approved with another company for a more expensive apartment the next day. While at the open house, a guy said he had been to the same apartment open house two weeks before, where a bunch of other people had also turned in applications (including a $30 fee per applicant). The lady showing the place said there were only two qualified applicants and both turned the place down, that’s why it was still available. Sounds rather fishy to me…. Especially since comparable places in that neighborhood easily go for $1400 to $1500 without utilities.

    Also, there is no way this place is 975 square feet. It’s more like 500 — tiny living room, closet sized kitchen, the “bedroom” (which had no closet or door, closet was in the hallway) just barely fit a queen sized bed with no room for dressers. Unless they are counting the laundry/storage room in the back, which is shared with the whole building.

    • Allison

      That does sound fishy, although I can’t imagine they’re making more money having open houses and collecting applicant fees than they would just renting the place.

    • If true, it’s disgusting that they’re running the scam of having open houses just to collect application fees. I’ve heard of this before, and it makes me leery of anyone renting an apartment via an “open house”. And it’s even more disgusting if they’re actually running credit reports, dinging your credit, and then telling you you can’t have the place after all (you could confirm this by pulling your own credit report and seeing if they actually ran it or whether they just stole your money).

      Individual appointments, not open houses, make me a lot more comfortable as a potential renter.

  • I’d take it! One of my favorite neighborhoods in DC, I would love to live here if I didn’t already have a place already. Pretty good price, I’d say.

  • I remember seeing this apt over summer last year. The kitchen and living room area were decent (a little water damage around the ceiling closest to the front wall) but the bedroom had no windows.. I believe the washer/dryer was in the hallway adjoining the basement and first floor too. I also got a seedy vibe from the renters– and the fact that there’s this much turnover is not a good sign.

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