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  • Visionary like a bad acid trip.

  • It’s terrible architecture, a hideous eyesore, and that weird screen at street level creates a dead zone for passers-by.

  • While I wouldn’t call this building visionary by any stretch of the imagination, there are lots of great examples of Mid-Century Modern architecture just about everywhere. Unfortunately, along Brutalism, it is currently one of the most unloved styles. Perhaps because so many buildings of this style didn’t really wear well.

    And I always assumed that this architect’s name was up there because he had an office in the building.

  • maybe it has their name out front b/c they have an office inside and not b/c they are the designers?

  • Someone should interview the architect (if he’s alive) and find out what he thinks of this place.

    As for Brutalism, doesn’t the name say it all? How could something called Brutalism possibly be good?

  • Not surprised given the fact that one of the best schools of architecture in the region is at Catholic University where it is housed in the ugly Crough Center.

  • RE the sign: kind of like putting your doctors name on your tombstone?
    Maybe the client did it for revenge?

  • I always assumed that the cement lattice grating on the ground floor was added after the neighborhood shall we say devolved.

    There are a few buildings on Georgia with it that definitely have windows behind them as well.

    If so maybe we are being a tad harsh on the architect.

  • This whole string of buildings are terrible. Also: what’s up with the road work signs which have been up for over a year now? The road work is clearly done – the city should really reclaim those things. They’re just another thing blocking that already too-thin sidewalk.

  • I think the concrete block “grill” on the first floor gives a bit of privacy to the three ground floor apartments, who also have the same “patio” door windows as the upper floors. Yes, ugly, but how to you give privacy & security and a bit of daylight to patio door windows opening right on the sidewalk? Maybe ground floor retail spaces would have been better…..

  • Agree with those who say this isn’t fair to the architect: I am sure those AC cutouts are not original and I doubt the windows & bars are original. May have been more interesting than your Home Depot replacement special at some point.

  • Stalin would be proud. This building gives a middle finger to pedestrians.

    There’s a good reason why we’ve never heard of Robert S. Yale Architect

  • Is Brutalism the same style of architectue as the DC metro?

  • It’s terrible in every sense- Really though I don’t understand how it’s not a Fire code violation.

  • Not visionary. Economical though. The sunscreen blocks and the brick frame around the entire facade were the only dabbles beyond economy and into “style.” Never loved, will never be loved.

    Sunscreen blocks had a moment in the spotlight mid-century coming out of Brasilia. They said tropical and smart once upon a time. Now they mean Home Depot and rowhouse porch hackjobs.

    • Since earlier posters were tossing around architectureal terms – the block wall is a sort of bris soleil – popular in modernist/International Style design as a way to control sunlight. Not that Mr Yale’s work here will even be confused with Corbusier….

  • Hideous, I feel bad for the people living in this building, especially on the first floor.

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