Update and Sneak Peek of Opening Day Menu at ‘Le Caprice DC’ French Bakery Coming to Columbia Heights

Back in mid-Sept. I shared some details on the new French Bakery, Le Caprice DC, coming to 3460 14th St, NW in the retail space of the Allegro in Columbia Heights. Construction is progressing nicely:

Though, below is the photo, I’m most excited about – the baguette shaper:

And check out the size of this oven:

If all goes well they hope to open up at the end of this week or next week. I’ll update an exact date when it’s official. While the following opening day menu will be expanded – how does it sound so far?

Opening Menu of Le Caprice DC

Croissant au Beurre $1.95
Pain au Chocolat 2.25
Chocolate Croissant
Caprice croissant aux amandes 2.65
Almond Croissant
Raisin Escargot 2.45
Raisin Bun
Chausson aux Pommes 2.65
La gourmandise 2.75
individuel 1.95
½ loaf 3.95
loaf 6.95

Choco Brioche
Individuel 2.25
½ loaf 4.75
loaf 8.95

Artisan Baguette 2.75
½ Baguette 1.45

Baguette Céréale 2.95
Whole grain baguette
Cream Puff 1.45
Eclaire 3.95
Religieuse 4.95
Swan 4.95
Saint Honore 4.95
Tarte de Fruit 4.25
Petit fours 19 varieties 8.95 to 10.95 per pound

Also available: Salads, Sandwiches, Quiches, Croque Monsieur and Spinach tourte… for lunch or dinner.

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  • PRAISE JESUS! A bakery in the neighborhood that actually has… wait for it… an oven!!! Wow, can you tell I’m excited?

  • Let’s hope it is more authentic than Paul.

    • Complaining about Paul’s lack of authenticity is like complaining about the Buffalo chicken at Cosi, but since you’re such an excellent judge of French cuisine, you must already know that Paul is a chain.

    • Paul’s bread is actually authentic. You may not like it, but it is.

      • Yes and no. Paul made a killing in France by selling a non-traditional baguette. The texture is wildly different, and it’s pretty popular over there. So I suppose we could dispute the definition of “authentic”. Yes, it’s French, it exists and thrives in France. No, it’s not the same as the traditional three-franc baguette you can buy from any corner bakery in any tiny village anywhere in France.
        (Full disclosure: I haven’t been to the DC Paul. I didn’t like it when I lived in France, so I haven’t bothered here.)

  • Sorry…I fainted just then. Did you say they’ll be open in a week or two? Oh wow! Very excited!

  • it’s going to be TOTALLY authentic!! i’m close to the family that’s opening this place, and not only is their baking fantastic, but they lived in france for DECADES – it will be as french as you can get around here!! 🙂

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can’t wait! I hope they have a good cafe au lait so it can become a neighborhood spot for me and my familiy!

  • I have a good friend from France, who swears by the baguettes from the Safeway on Columbia Road. Odd, I know, but she prefers them to other bakeries.

  • Wow, this is the number one thing I’ve been waiting for, and this sounds absolutely amazing. Once the build-out got going they finished quickly, which is a good sign. This is the first in what should be a crazy-awesome next 2-3 months of grand openings in Columbia Heights (the new diner, Jackie’s, Maple, ZBurger, Coffee Cafe, and the 11th street park), going to be a very fun winter around here!

  • anon. gardener

    What a nice Christmas present! I worked in a french bakery when i was in high school – a real one, run by real french people – and this all brings back wonderful, delicious memories. if it’s half as good as that place was, I will be a regular customer.

  • I was literally bouncing in my office chair with excitement when I read this…I CANNOT WAIT for this place to open! I have been dying for a bakery since I moved to CH. A good, authentic, flakey croissant and coffee is heaven. I actually plan on changing my morning commute route to stop by here. I imagine I will soon need a larger size pant. Amazing.

  • Now we just need baguette mailboxes (like in French Polynesia) and home delivery!

  • So, if I’m reading the signals properly here, it seems that the conspiracy against providing ***good bagels*** East of the Park lives on. Damn.

    (…and don’t tell me about the Uptowner. Yes the bagels are fine, but they don’t even have a proper toaster.)

  • Looks great. Happy to have a breakfast alternative nearby. Any idea on the hours? A quick google search says that the current head baker at Heller’s is the one leaving to open this place. True?

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