Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Truxton Circle

This rental is located at 4th and Q St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

Amazing newly-renovated historic rowhouse on quiet street lined with trees and gardens in U St./Shaw neighborhood near Logan Circle with 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathroom, large living room, Italian style patio and garden (current tenants have grown vegetables –thyme, basil, aloe-vera, etc), hardwood floors, washer/dryer, central air, Stainless steel appliances.

Fantastic neighborhood with restaurants and 2 blocks to the metro, short walk to Chinatown, 1 block to tennis courts and recreation center, 2 blocks to new library and metro, grocery stores, hardware, and drug store all within 4 to 7 blocks. In 2012, there will be a brand new Giant grocery 1.5 blocks away. Available December 1st or earlier. Great for couple or 2 people.

–Front and Rear Enclosed Gardens
–Fenced-In Yard with Motorized Garage Door
–Off-Street Parking
–Gorgeous Hardwood Floors
–High Ceilings
–Terra-Cotta Kitchen Tile
–Stainless Steel Appliances
–Cable and Internet Ready”

$2500 sound right for this 2 bed?

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  • “in U St./Shaw neighborhood near Logan Circle”

    also a stone’s throw from Bethesda and Silver Spring and Capitol Hill

    • In this instance I think it’s ok the name-drop neighborhoods next to the one the rental’s in. Not many people know where Truxton Circle is, but they probably know Shaw and would definitely know U Street. This is pretty damn close to Shaw and it wouldn’t be aterrible walk to U or Logan Circle.

      • That location is about 20 minutes walking distance from a lot of places in the city (Logan Circle, U Street, Union Station, Chinatown), but I don’t think that justifies the name-dropping. I think $2500 is still a bit pricey for the area, even with the amenities offered.

        • You would have to have two broken ankles if it took you 20 minutes to walk from there to U Street, it’s two blocks from 3rd and Florida NW (Florida changes to U Street west of Georgia, i.e. six whole blocks from this location). You might want to get your walking speed up if it took you 20 minutes to walk from there to U Street.

        • Actually, make that two blocks from 4th & Florida, which puts it even closer to U Street. Probably puts it a brisk 15 minute walk from the heart of U Street.

    • That is pretty funny.

    • Saying that 4th and Q NW is in Shaw seems perfectly reasonable to me. U Street is a stretch. This is like 3 blocks from the shaw metro.

  • It ain’t exactly the U Street neighbrohood either. This is the heart of Shaw, baby. Be proud of it!

  • A little steep…but just a little. Having recently looked for rentals just like this I’d say 2200 should be tops.

  • if you believe that the Giant will be open in 2012 I want to talk to you about this bridge I have for sale…

    • This comment is funny too. But when I past by it on the 79 bus (on both the 7th and 9th Street side) it looks like there has been a lot of progress since the latest announcement about the Giant. But we have to realize that this is DC and when they say 2012 it really means give them at least an two extra years.

  • Most likely too expensive, but it is hard to tell without photos of the interior.

  • 4th and Q is shaw. Truxton circle is a new name someone placed to the area between New Jersey and North Capitol going east and west and Florida and New York to the north and south. But the area is part of shaw and is included in the shaw redevelopment plan.

  • Does seem a little steep for a convenient but still shooty neighborhood and only 2 BR. I wouldn’t pay it but good luck to the owners.

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