Tortino Italian Restaurant Opens Up at 1228 11th St, NW in Logan/Shaw

Dear PoPville,

I live in Logan and every weekday, I walk by a new restaurant called Tortino on my way home–it’s on 11st St NW, between M and N, on the west side of the street. For the past few months they’ve been getting it ready and it appears to have opened for business in the last week or so, but I can’t find anyone talking about it on the internets. It’s a small, Italian restaurant. Any intel on who is behind it, any info about whether the food is any good, etc?

I stopped in to the new space as yesterday (thanks to all who wrote in) and I was pleasantly surprised. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but once you step inside, you’ll see that they did an amazing job. It’s two spaces combined. And the menu looks great too. You can see it here.

They’ve been open a couple of weeks but will be having their Grand Opening celebration on New Years Eve:



Our Grand Opening “Theme”
A New Years Eve Celebration
Saturday, December 31, 2011
Featuring a special five course tasting menu including wine pairings and a champagne toast
Before midnight
Dancing and a late night menu
Join us as we warm Eleventh Street’s charming new Italian Restaurant
And welcome our new
1228 Eleventh Street, NW (between M and N)

For reservations call

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  • The food reminded my of an Olive Garden, the space is pretty nice though, not very impressed.

  • crabcakes, caesar salad with grilled chicken and avocado, fried calamari, salmon with asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes are right out of a hotel banquet or strip-mall “italian” restaurant playbook that conjures the old world only by name and using italian words and products with no rhyme or reason.

    better than a franchise, but not by much. “gnocchi” and “Brussels sprouts” are spelled wrong. nice dining room though, but get rid of the tv at the bar.

    before attempting italian and trying to do it right, the chef and owners should go eat at palena cafe, tosca, bibiana, 2 amy’s, obelisk and maybe fiola.

    • I sincerely hope this place is no Palena or Tosca, two insanely overpriced restaurants serving mediocre food. This fills a huge need for a moderately priced neighborhood casual Italian place. Menu looks good to me, I just hope the food is good!

      • Are you insane? They might be 2 of the 5 best restaurants in the whole damn city.

        • I did the price fix at Palena. Nowhere at the level, I thought, of other pricey special occasion tasting menus like Marcel or Komi. Maybe I had an off night but it was just pretty good and at those prices I expected mind blowing. Not even close, surprising after all the hype. As for Tosca, wow, insanity. If you want decent pasta in as bland an environment as imaginable for 30 bucks, by all means try it. My worst fine dining experience in DC, hands down.

    • “palena cafe, tosca, bibiana, 2 amy’s, obelisk and maybe fiola”???

      Your arrogance, is astounding, chef tony. All but 2 Amys are really expensive restaurants. Tortino’s average entree is about $15. Are you seriously suggesting they competing with Obelisk? Get over yourself.

  • Have either of the commenters here eaten at this restaurant yet? The menu looks good to me, particularly as a neighborhood location. I look forward to trying it before I comment on how impressive or not impressive the restaurant is.

  • As usual, snarky comments from foodie wannabes abound.

    I think the menu looks good, the prices are reasonable, and from the photos the place looks great. I look forward to checking out Tortino. Welcome to the neighborhood.

  • The place looks great but the location isnt. Public drunkenness, urination and a number of other issues continue to be a problem on that block. It got better when they shut down the bar across the street after the murder there, but picked right back up when it re-opened.

    • This is the bar where the murder happened. Izalco is out, Tortino is in. Different patrons hopefully means less problems with the drunkeness/crime issues.

      • The murder happened at El Sauce which is across 11th St. next to the market.

        Most summer nights you have drunk guys outside of El Sauce heckling people who walk by. On numerous occasions I have seen guys walk out of El Sauce and fall flat on their face they were so drunk, and not be able to get up.

  • Olive Garden? Really?? I’m no foodie, but I thought the chestnut soup was delicious, as was the ravioli. The other folks I was with enjoyed their meals as well. And the prices are totally reasonable — something you can’t say about some of those other restaurants that have been mentioned. I understand that the chef came from Tosca, so there’s definitely some quality there! It was a very enjoyable experience, and it’s a great addition to the neighborhood. I will definitely go back again…. (I’ve been twice already!)

  • I’m writing off the ridiculous hate postings on here.

    I think the place looks great, and goodness knows Shaw needs it. And I like the fact that they spell some words incorrectly. Assuming the food is good, it adds in my opinion to the feeling that it’s not a chain. Too polished sucks.

    We need more entrepreneurs to open non-Chinese-check-cashing-liquor-and-potato-chip-selling businesses in these blighted, godforsaken, ghetto areas.

    I’m gonna eat there first chance I get. I want me some nyocki!

  • I ate there in the second week after they opened. The food was very good, as was the service. Some in our party were vegan, and the chef made special dishes for us. A great experience, and reasonably priced. We do need more restaurants like this.

  • My partner and I went on Saturday with two friends. Each of us had something different. We all were very satisfied with the food and service. The only problem we noted is that we were the only diners there. We sincerely believe this will change.

  • I think this is a great addition to the neighborhood and a great step to fixing that block. I have eaten here twice and the food was good both times.

  • We went on Thursday night as a result of this posting – we live just down the street on 11th and M.

    First, I want to disagree with the comments about this block – maybe late at night there is a drunkenness problem with some of the bars (mostly catering to latino/as) but we went at 8 p.m. and there was no such trouble (nor have I really noticed any in the 2+ years I’ve been living in the area). This is a great block to live near in Shaw!

    As for the restaurant, it was indeed, not on par with some of the best Italian places in the city, but the food was still pretty tasty. We both remarked that the pasta was cooked perfectly al dente and it was served piping hot. And we had two pasta entrees, and appetizer (the prosciutto and crostini), and two drinks for less than $40 pre tax. We also had them refill the breadbasket a few times – no charge.

    The service was great and while it was slow when we arrived at 8 p.m., by the time we left at 9:30 it was busier. Still only about 30% of the tables, but it was 9:30 on a weeknight!

    I am really glad to have another option in the neighborhood. When the O Street Market delivers, we’ll hopefully get a few more places like it. I am also eagerly anticipating the Velour/Herringbone restaurant by the folks at Corduroy!

  • It is very refreshing to have intimate restaurants pop up in the neighborhood. I have been there on 5 occasions tasting to most of the menu and have been blown away. This is the best deal in town for the money!!!!!! Kudos to Chef Noe and his team!!!!

  • To Matt, couldn’t disagree with you more on the Olive Garden comparison. I live half a block away and was thrilled to notice this place the other day. Ate there for the first time last night and I will echo what the reasonable commenters who have actually been there have been saying. For this neighborhood and at those prices, it far far exceeded my expectations. Not saying it’s the most authentic or highest quality, but definitely a place I will be returning to time and time again. Several of the pastas are homemade, by the way. Don’t see Olive Garden doing that. Spread the word people – this place MUST thrive.

  • Ate here on Christmas Eve. The service was incredible, the atmosphere warm and cozy. The food was very very good. A very welcome addition to the neighborhood!

  • I went for a job Christmas party and the service was wonderful!! Great food, very affordable, and good for parties of all sizes. Please support small business’ in Washington dc!

  • Excellent! Classy atmosphere, very attentive service, and still has a relaxed feel. Food was great- will be back soon and often.

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