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  • Am I blind today? Can’t find rant/revels!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Hahaha, no not blind. Sorry about that! I was having massive computer problems that just got fixed (knock wood, knock wood). Just for today posting a rant/revel at noon. Sorry for the delay!

      • me

        I’m wondering if others have computer problems too… whenever I go to the home page, it brings me to the google map halfway down the page on a post from yesterday. Site isn’t working for me very well. 🙁

      • Thanks for all of your hard work! The site looks fantastic! I’ll keep my eyes peeled around noon!

  • Ah, screw this the The Getaway has the best bruch in town. One Word that is missing from the menu. “Bottomless”

    • I was served a glass of spoiled milk at The Getaway. I nicely told the waitress to please take it back because the milk had gone bad. She took it and a few minutes later came back to to tell me: don’t worry, we won’t charge you for it.

    • saf

      And where/what is the Getaway?

      • A restaurant on 14th, couple blocks above Park Road. It’s kinda near Thaitanic and the Allegro apartments.

        The two places aren’t similar at all. I’d say a more appropriate comparision to Room 11 would be Vinoteca (which also has bottomless mimosas).

  • They had to wait until I moved ten blocks farther north. If I’m in the neighborhood one Sunday afternoon, I’ll definitely want to try the rye-and-horchata.

  • Will the brunch be Sunday-only? I’d love to check this out… but on a Saturday.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      They’ll def. be opening up for brunch on Saturdays soon just easing their way into it. Probably open Saturdays as well in a month or so, would be my guess.

  • I think the menu isn’t worth going out of your way for and also – breaking news: people like bacon, especially at brunch. You should always offer some breakfast basics in addition to mushroom bruschetta and whatever.

    • as well as bottomless mimosas and bloody mary’s people like to get drunk in morning early afternoon

    • If you want bacon, you can go to Ihop. If you want mimosas, you can go to a million generic brunch places. I’d rather go someplace that tries to do something a little different, and generally does it very well, to boot. But hey, feel free not to go, more room for me, as I guarantee that, during the winter months especially, brunch service will be packed each Sunday.

  • The few times I’ve been to Room 11, the food wasn’t all that good and served in tiny quantities. They also seemed kinda snobby. Not a fan.

  • Could not disagree more. I belive they are the best dining option in this neighborood. Consistently good (and interesting) food, and very personable staff. My favorite place in CH

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