Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Palisades/Georgetown

This rental is located at 4573 MacArthur Blvd, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Efficiency unit on MacArthur Boulevard, vacant and ready for occupancy. Small building with wood floors, tall ceilings, good light. Tenant pays for electricity and cooking gas. Basement laundry room. NO PETS. One-year minimum lease.”

This efficiency is going for $875.

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  • woah woah woah, so to view the apt you show up, call them to get buzzed in remotely, then go into the unlocked apt and check it out yourself?

    sounds like the beginning of a Saw movie…

  • Wow, two whole pictures?

    The price is OK, safe but boring neighborhood but not far from Jetty’s, a drycleaner, etc.

    The no pets thing is a killer for such a humdrum place, though.

  • Seems like a good price for the Palisades. Not a lot of stuff right there, but very safe and close to all of the stuff in Georgetown.

  • I feel like 875 is a pretty good price for anything anywhere in D.C. Not that I’d want to live in the Palisades.

  • I suppose Palisades would be okay for someone who wants to live in the country. Remote but pretty area. Price seems okay but too few pictures to really tell.

  • I lived in Palisades in the mid 90s in what was the cheapest 1 bedroom apartment I could find in NW DC west of Connecticut Ave. It’s really peaceful over there but withing walking distance of Georgetown, where I went out with my friends. I also frequently walked to Rosslyn, Clarendon etc.

  • 42 miles from a metro? no thanks.

  • This apartment is not in Georgetown – very misleading to label it as such. It’s like saying Mt. Pleasant/Adams Morgan. Silly.

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