Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Cleveland Park

This rental is located at 3220 Connecticut Ave, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Nestled in a village-like setting amidst Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C., Parkway Apartments offers the peace and serenity that one deserves, while only steps to the conveniences of urban, downtown living. Take a stroll to the metro for some sightseeing, go on a shopping spree in many of the upscale boutiques or enjoy the experience of fine dining and live entertainment at some of the most popular nightspots in the Washington, D.C. area. Enjoy the finest of what Downtown Washington, D.C. has to offer here at your fingertips. All utilities are included.

Parkway Apartments (3220 Connecticut Ave) (All Utilities Included)
Studio – $1067 — available January 15, 2012.(Does not have a full kitchen, only a refrigerator and counter top)
Studio – $1067 — available February 1, 2012.(Does not have a full kitchen, only a refrigerator and counter top)”

$1067 sound right for a studio without a full kitchen?

Ed. Note: I lived in one of these in 1998, at that time rent was $500. Man, I’m getting old…

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  • Well, it’s nice to see there are plenty of washing machines. And that’s a mighty pretty little bit of flooring. This place could be doable if the non-kitchen space has sufficent electrical to handle various appliances: microwave, hotplate, electric frying pan, etc without blowing fuses. For someone who’s really set on living that far north (and who wants to avoid a group house) this could be a decent starter apartment.

  • no dice!

  • So basically it’s a $35 a night hotel with no cable or internet that you’re trapped in for a year?

    • Yes which isn’t a bad deal. Most of the extended stay places cost over 100 bucks a night still. Its not for me, but for someone who is young, doesn’t cook and doesn’t want roommates, it is fine.

      A lot of people aren’t looking for much more than a place to sleep close in, this fits the bill.

      • If “all utilities included” covers cable, then it’s all the better. This would be OK for an internship – or for a pied-a-terre/office in the city.

  • That is so weird. It’s like one of those painful “Would you rather …?” questions.

    “kitchen? Or $200 a month?”

    Oh wait this is easy, a kitchen, because duh.

  • I hate misleading ads like this. “Gorgeous One Bedrooms” is what the heading is, but once you click on the ad itself, you see $1067 gets you a measly studio without a full kitchen!

  • No kitchen? Who lives in a dump where you can’t even wash dishes?

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