This Week in Coming to H Street News: Sol Mexican Grill Coming to 1251 H St, NE

1251 H St, NE is the former Danny’s Carryout located next to Smith Commons. According to a recent liquor license application, Sol Mexican Grill will be a:

“New Tavern serving Tex-Mex cuisine with a full bar. Entertainment will include a Dee Jay on Fridays and Saturdays. Seating capacity is 35. Total occupancy load is 49. Summer Garden with seating for 10 patrons.”

And in related restaurant news, it looks like (Tacos) Impala Cantina Y Taqueria is back on track with a new sign saying coming this Spring to 1358 H St, NE:

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  • oh man danny’s was so, so cheap. I was kind of afraid to eat their food but an egg sandwich for under $2, or a $3 hamburger was a novelty I just couldn’t resist every once in a while.

    also: if you can only fit 35 people in there (which I find hard to believe), you might just wanna nix the DJ booth and throw in another table…not like there’s gonna be any dancing. but what do I know? I’m the guy who’s actually eaten at danny’s.

  • I loved Danny’s, I’m not saying it was good food. But it was there and their fried Wonton’s were delicious (but really you can’t go wrong with fried cream cheese I suppose.). I’m sad now that soon one of the more interesting business rivalries will be gone from H. St. Danny’s and Good Danny’s.

  • any relation to the ‘el sol’ that recently closed on 9th and u?

  • A DJ for 50 people (if you count the bartender)? That seems like a waste.

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