The 5pm Post – Free taxi rides (up to $30) nightly from 10pm until 6am Dec. 16th through New Years Day.

From an email:

The weather outside may be frightening, but that doesn’t mean the roads need to be.

If you partake in a bit too much mulled wine, “mystery punch” or adult eggnog over the Holiday season, stay safe and call SoberRide this holiday season!

Together with the Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP) SoberRide initiative, AT&T once again is proud to provide free taxi rides (up to $30) to anyone over 21 in the greater Washington, DC area nightly from 10pm until 6am through New Years Day.

AT&T customers can call #TAXI to get a safe, free ride home, while others can dial 800-200-TAXI.

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  • Or for those of us not on an old-fashioned phone, that’s #8294 from AT&T, or 200-200-8294 for everyone else.

  • Great idea but has anyone actually been able to call this number and get a cab to them (at a somewhat reasonable time from their call?? I’m curious.

    • I remember trying to use this service New Years Eve 2006. I spent another hour at the party I was trying to leave and finally decided to walk home from Glover Park to Mt Pleasant. That’ll sober you up.

    • Also no. I tried to use this last night. Maybe it’s ‘cos I was trying to get a cab in Silver Spring, but after 25 min, no cab. Called, was told they were still looking for somebody to come out. After 45 minutes, they were no closer to even finding somebody, so I gave up and got on a bus.

  • agree with zenalex – the idea that this would work in dc is pretty far-fetched considering the state of radio-dispatched cabs here (i.e. they are essentially nonexistent in most of the city). Given the proportion of cabs who will simply refuse a paying customer who’s not going to another entertainment district on a random night, it’s hard to imagine there are any drivers out there who are realistically going to participate in this on one of the busiest nights of the year. Seems like PR for AT&T more than anything else, sadly enough.

  • I called #8294 from my ATT just to test and got a warning that I would be charged $1.79 🙁 Is this another ATT scam? Anyway if you want to try call the 800 number.

  • Someone should offer a service that provides safe rides, preferably by female drivers (I don’t care what it costs).

  • As the President of the nonprofit organization (Washington Regional Alcohol Program) which offers the free (up to a $ 30 fare) cab ride service to prevent drunk driving, SoberRide, allow me to jump in here to clarify any of the above misconceptions and or respond to past service issues.

     Since 1993, WRAP’s SoberRide has single-handedly removed over 52,000 would-be drunk drivers from Greater Washington’s roadways.

     The program works. Since the 16th of this month through last night and via WRAP’s current holiday SoberRide program, 1,386 Washington-metropolitan area residents have done the right thing and used SoberRide rather than possibly driving home impaired. Of these nearly 1,400 SoberRides provided just in the last two weeks, WRAP has only received one complaint which was attributable to a since-rectified driver error.

     AT&T is amongst the sponsors of this local, lifesaving program and whose valued support helps the charity running SoberRide defray the nearly $ 50,000 in annual cab fares it pays to actually run SoberRide.

     If you haven’t used SoberRide since 2006 then you haven’t been witness to the improvements made to the program in the last half-decade which include not only the expansion of contracted cab operators but so, too, increased capacity to handle the thousands of SoberRide calls which each year come into SoberRide’s communications center in Arlington, Virginia. The results of which have been better service, less complaints and safer roads for all of us.

     As to taxicab wait times, it’s important to note that while SoberRides are free to the user, behind-the-scenes they’re actually fully compensated by the nonprofit organization running the program. This means that in a taxicab company’s queue, a SoberRide is just as prioritized as a regular cab request (and sometimes even greater). So, if it’s a 20-to-30-minute wait for a cab, it’s not going to be any longer for a SoberRide. That said, it’s New Year’s Eve people. Call ahead.

    Lastly, WRAP is committed to SoberRide’s efficacy, sustainability and life-saving results. The local, community service program whose cab fares are 100-percent privately paid for will only be bettered by users’ input which, in recent years, has contributed greatly to improving the 18-year-old program. To that end, I welcome such feedback directly at [email protected].


    Kurt Gregory Erickson, President
    Washington Regional Alcohol Program (

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