The 5pm Post – DC Bike Polo, Mondays and Thursdays

From an email:

“We play every monday near 6th st & penn st NE (next to gallaudet) at 7pm and at rush rink 13th & d st SE on thursdays.”

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  • Cool, strongly tempted to try this! I just wish there were games closer to Columbia Heights :/

  • We play where we can. Finding the right kind of space is difficult. Most players live in Mt. Pleasant/Columbia Heights/Petworth area. It’s not a long haul to Gallaudet.

    That said, if anyone knows of alternative places to play indoors (like vacant warehouses with friendly owners) we’d love to find a place to play during the wetter and colder months.

  • You kind of have to see it to believe it.

    From the 2011 Championships:

  • I checked the video, wouldn’t this be easier with BMX bikes?

    • There is no correct bike to play on. Many of the best are divided between bikes with 26″ versus 700c wheels. If you were used to riding a BMX, nothing would stop you from using one, but I suspect you’d quickly understand the advantages of larger bikes both on offense and defense. Being seated higher makes for a more powerful swing too.

      Come out and play.

  • i also think it would be easier on bmx

  • BMX aren’t really suitable because it’s super hard to stand up and use a mallet at the same time. They do have great handling though, just not the best for polo.

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