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  • I’m gonna guess 64.

  • I concur, 1964.

  • I keep talking about buying a motorcyle, but with these types of postings, I may need to buy a classic car instead.

  • i think some of the old sweet rides are not displaying properly: http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2011/04/sweet-ride-2/

  • It’s a shame, but there’s a whole generation of people out there who have never lived among Buicks that were anything more than either big, floaty transportation for your elderly aunt, or ugly, gold-colored SUVs for dopes who wish they were Tiger Woods.

    • Actually just in the past year or so Buick has started to sell some decent vehicles. The 5th generation Buick Regal, which is really an Opel Insignia, is not a bad product at all and should be considered by anyone looking for a mid-size sedan (personally, I’d go for the Audi A4). The LaCrosse is also not bad, although in my opinion not packaged as attractively as the Regal and definitely geared more to the north American market.

  • I wonder if it has a posi-track rear differential?? ;*)

    • Nah, only Corvettes and ’63 Pontiac Tempests had positraction. (I do prefer this color to metallic mint green, though…)

  • Pretty sure it is a 1964. My grandfather had promised to hand over his 1964 Wildcat to me when I received my driver’s license. It was beautiful, blue and my dreams were wrapped around it. Then my aunt took it on a road trip to California in 1989 about 6 months before it was to be mine. It was stripped to the frame overnight in an unsecured parking lot. This is the same woman that had a fully restored Porsche 356 that had literally two weeks on a frame off restoration… t-boned by a crotch rocket in San Fran that destroyed the car and the rider of the motorcycle. She has been unkind to classic cars.

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