Stabbing and Arrest in Mt. Pleasant plus Multiple Shootings and Death Investigation Fri. Night/Sat. Morning

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From MPD:

At approximately 1:45 am officers discovered an individual that had been stabbed in the area of Mt. Pleasant and Kilbourne Pl, NW. Officers canvassed the area and located the suspect. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment and the suspect was placed under arrest.

Additionally a number of shootings as reported through AlertDC:

1) Shooting, 0155 hrs., 4500 blk of Douglas St., NE, Adult male shot in the shoulder, conscious and breathing. No usable lookout.


3) Shooting_0846 hrs_2300 B/O Ainger Pl SE_LOF B/M 5’7″-5’8″ SLIGHT FACIAL HAIR LSW BLACK LEATHER COAT ARMED W/GUN

MPD also reports:

“The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating a death which occurred at 14th and Park Road [NW] at approximately 5:15 AM this morning.”

CM Graham says:

“MPD tells me that—early this morning about 5 AM—a 42year old man with head trauma appears to have been dropped out of a car at 14th and Park. He later died from his injuries. It is not clear if the trauma had occurred before or after he was put out of the car. If you know anything about this strange and tragic occurrence, please contact MPD at 202-727-9099.”

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  • With better availability to handguns, the victims would have been able to defend themselves.

    • Yes, the guns that exist so far are a problem but if we just had way more guns then things would be better. I see you argument is well thought out.

    • A handgun is near-useless in most street robbery scenarios. The bad guy isn’t going to give you a chance to draw.

      Unless you’re willing to draw-down on anyone that *looks* suspicious, you’re going to get caught short. And once there’s a gun pointed at you — or a knife held against you — any sudden moves are suicide.

      Carrying a gun is a huge advantage for an attacker in a street scenario, and a near-worthless defensive measure for the honest citizen. Making concealed carry illegal protects the honest citizens much more than it hurts them.

      • the point is it raises the stakes for the robbber. right now, if you’re <18 y.o. you can jack someone essentially without consequence. some chance the jack-ee is packing would be a game-changer.

      • or the robber could start beating on you which would give you an opportunity to pull out a weapon. lots of different scenarios. I read a first person story of a guy who had a knife pulled on him. He reached into his pocket to pull out his wallet and instead pulled out a snub-nosed revolver and shot the robber in the thigh. He wrote that the robber then fell to the ground and yelled “goddam” three times. The would be victim then quickly ran away.

  • So this guy basically died at the giant on 14th street. Wonderful town we are living in. Probably happened about an hour before the farmer’s market opened up out there. Anybody see anything?

  • That is like four blocks from where I live (and spend a lot of money to live), wonderful. This is why I don’t leave my place after midnight.

  • Speaking of Friday evening activity, did anyone in the Holmead/ Oak/ Meridian area hear a big boom last night at around 11:10? Much louder and more resonant than a gunshot or car backfire (do cars even do that anymore?). I would have thought transformer, but there were no sirens or anything afterwards. It was weird.

  • G-rod down, plenty of thugs to fill the space. It just seems like a lost cause in this hug-a-thug town. If you’re juvenile, you can get away with murder. If you’re an adult, just plead guilty to second degree and get 15 years, out by 40 and back to the life of drugs and guns.

    • Well said.

      D.C. needs a two-strikes law. I don’t care whether you steal shoelaces or commit armed robbery. If you’re older than eleven-years-old, you know right-from-wrong.

      How’s this for the new D.C. public school curriculum: From the time these hood-rats are in elementary school, in addition to being taught multiplication tables, they need to have it drilled in their heads that they’re going away for a long, long time, whether it’s a misdemeanor or a felony. You get one freebie, that’s it.

      We all pay too much in property tax and for our ridiculously overpriced condos to deal with this. I’ll gladly pay an extra thousand dollars a year in tax to send these thugs to jail for life. There’s no financial price to steep to pay to lock up criminals who make it uncomfortable to walk in our neighborhoods.

      And btw, it’s not a racial thing. It’s a crime-versus-law-abiding citizen thing. If it were white consistently jacking people, I’d say the same thing.

      • DC incarceration rates, by race:
        Whites: 56 per 100,000
        Blacks: 1065 per 100,000

        You can say “it’s not a racial thing”, but it is. Those stats speak to a profound inequality of opportunity that ever-more aggressive incarceration will only aggravate.

        At this point, the ROI of a dollar spent on ensuring kids grow up healthy, well parented, and well educated is far greater than the ROI of yet another dollar spent on prisons.

        • SouthwestDC

          You’re forgetting that there’s also a huge economic disparity between whites and blacks in DC. Whites in DC tend to be wealthy professionals, while black professionals have left DC for the suburbs. I think that explains the racial bias, to some extent.

          A few months ago I was on a packed 92 bus, listening to everyone talk about how they need to see their parole officer or how their husband is back in jail. It made me sad. Then a woman with a cane came on the bus and was begging for someone to give up their seat. Not one person moved. Then the bus driver started yelling for someone to please give up their seat, and still no one did. It was at this point that I realized– if these people don’t have enough compassion to give up their seat to a handicapped person, what would stop them from committing crimes? I still think a lot of poor black people are unjustly imprisoned, but a lot of them also end up in jail because they simply don’t know right from wrong.

        • Fiddlesticks. You argument assumes that incarceration increases in a straight line, relative to length of a given sentence. Punishment (especially jail time) for criminal offenses *decreases* the crime rate, up to a certain point. Harsher sentencing will decrease the incarceration rate, up to a point.

          The question is whether we’ve reached that point. Do you think we’re sort on crime in DC or tough on crime as regards young offenders? If your older brother avoids substantial jail time for a violent offense, are you — a potential felon — more or less likely to commit the same crime?

          Besides, Caroline is right. If you don’t acquire the soft skills you need to succeed in modern society, you’re likely screwed. There’s not a lot we can can do to “rehabilitate” a 17 year old. (DYRS has what, a 50% recidivism rate?) A 3 year old — yes, we can help them with early childhood programs and the like.

        • Violent crime tracks pretty well with poverty. We have a massively disproportionate number of poor people in DC. The only thing that will change that is economic displacement. Which is accelerating in DC. When our numbers come down (and the suburbs’ numbers go up) it will be feasible to address the problems. Right now, we’re drowning in a sea of poverty. Those numbers have to come down. And they are.

  • A lot of blather that has nothing to do with the crimes. No one seems to notice, but there always seems to be an uptick in particularly grizzly murders around the holidays, as well as violent crimes in unlikely places. My first Christmas in DC, an older woman in Cleveland Park opened her door one day around Christmas and was shot. Not a good explanation for this and posturing about guns or strikes doesn’t even come close to addressing it.

    • Agree that the gun discussion doesn’t add anything else here. It doesn’t seem that these crimes are a part of an uptick in crimes in “unlikely places.”. Why does every crime story invite comments about some rare crime in Cleveland Park?

      • Because people want to make sure you know that crime happens everywhere, even in tony Upper Northwest. And that crime rates across DC are more or less the same (even though that statement is blatently false).

  • And this kind of stuff used to slack off during the winter. Not these days, I guess.

  • Does anyone know anything about the Mt. Pleasant stabbing? I walk there early in the morning everyday with my dog. Did the victim and suspect know each other or was this a mugging?

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