Ripple in Cleveland Park Gets New Pastry Chef – Alison Reed formerly of St. Ex

From a press release:

“Ripple is pleased to announce the appointment of Alison Reed as pastry chef of the 120-seat modern American Cleveland Park restaurant. Reed, who served as pastry chef at Cafe St. Ex for four years, will assume her new position on January 1, 2012.

“Alison is an exceptionally talented pastry chef, and we are thrilled to have her join our team,” said owner Roger Marmet. “Her desserts not only compliment Chef Logan Cox’s inventive culinary style, but they also showcase the same dedication to house-made products and grower connections that Cox demonstrates in his savory fare.”

Reed’s appointment will allow the restaurant to significantly expand and evolve its offerings. In addition to providing a greater selection of seasonal dessert options on a nightly basis, Reed will be responsible for all bread and ice cream production, both of which will come in handy when Ripple opens its retail market in the first quarter of 2012.

“Alison and I share a similar passion for supporting our local farm community and her appointment brings us to our goal of offering guests a broad, full selection of desserts and breads made exclusively in-house using local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients,” said Cox.

Prior to Reed’s tenure at Cafe St. Ex, she served as a pastry cook at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC, where she assisted with development and creation of all pastries for the 400 room luxury hotel, Cafe Mozu, the Empress Lounge, and in-room dining. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Reed dedicates a large portion of her time to charity and volunteer work, teaching Ross Elementary School students healthy eating habits, and participating in numerous fundraising events, including the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance’s annual “Women Chefs Turn up the Heat” event, and Share Our Strength’s “Taste of the Nation” event.

Ripple is located at 3417 Connecticut Avenue, NW”

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  • that’s great. I had a wonderful meal at Ripple this summer.

  • SOunds good. It’s an excellent restaurant.

  • Excellent food, excellent service, and an even better beer list. But the place is just too damn expensive for what it is. I’d probably have dinner there weekly if the food prices weren’t so crazy.

    • Portion sizes were TINY for what you paid. I agree

      • I completely disagree. The entrees are in the $20-25 range. That’s certainly not cheap, but I honestly think for the quality and inventiveness of the cooking, Ripple may be the best dining deal in the city right now. Nothing is mailed in, not even the salads, which are particularly excellent.

        This guy is an extremely talented chef who one day will rightfully be charging a lot more for his food.

        • +1 – Everything I’ve ever had there has been good. I think the prices there are no different than other small plate places. Decent beer and a good wine list.

  • Was Reed responsible for the delicious Honey Goat Cheese Cake that used to be at St. Ex? I frequented the bar in the early 2000s and loved that dish, but came back after a few years abroad and it was gone. I still find my mouth watering when I walk down 14th sometimes.

    • The Saint-Ex Honey Goat Cheese Cake was made by previous pastry chef, Lizzy Evelyn. Now you can find that Honey Goat Cheese Cake at Room 11 in Columbia Heights and at Cork Wine Bar in Logan Circle/U Street.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    and Roger Marmet is president of the board at the Washington Animal Rescue League. He has promoted wine tastings at the restaurant to benefit the League. So go!

  • Ripple = Awesome. Logan is the man too… solid dude.

  • 2 of us dined at Ripple in October and ordered multiple multiple items as we wanted enough quantity to constitute a complete meal. (Their menu is a “tasting menu” not a traditional menu). With drinks the total came to $200, which seems to be the going rate for a “nice” dinner for 2 in this city.

    I would say that 90% of the food we ordered was of the $200 meal for two caliber. About 10% of it was “phoned in”.

    The deal breakers for me included these items:

    We had a loud speaker directly over our table that was blasting punk rock the entire meal. My request to have the volume lowered was either ignored or forgotten.

    When I asked for a glass of wine to be paired with one particular course, the server forgot to get said recommendation. When I asked again, she disappeared momentarily and then came back and recommended what was by far the most expensive glass on the list. Only when asked to try again did she actually go and consult with a bartender or other personnel in the know and bring back a real recommendation.

    I would consider returning to Ripple, but only for drinks and a couple of food items but not for a full meal

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