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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

Are your offices starting to empty out?

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  • tonyr

    Rant: Walked past Louis Rogue last night and it’s CLOSED. It’s been there since the 70s at least. Well it hasn’t been decorated, and maybe cleaned, since the 70s, that’s for sure. One visit by the Mount Vernon Square Association people and it’s gone.

    • shipsa01

      Not true, Tonyr! They are just closed “temporarily” for renovations and should be back open in March. Though from management, they are looking to open as a more “upscale” strip club with a possible restaurant on the first floor (and outdoor seating). I think the idea is to make it like a Camelot from M Street.

      • tonyr

        Whatever they do to it would make it more “upscale”. Seriously the decor was Shaft vintage. I expected to see Huggy Bear sitting at the bar.

        • shipsa01

          True – it needs a ton of work, but the building itself is actually gorgeous (inside details, at least). My wife was commenting on how it could be a great nightclub – if they wanted to go that route. They don’t.

  • Rant: Tired, feeling sick and overheated. Can’t take off my hoodie because my tattoo sleeves would show. Wish this weather would cool down, because nothing “warm weather” fits me anymore.

    Rave: Sister comes into town, and I’m really looking forward to seeing her.

  • Rave: Internet radio from hometown- makes a day at the office go much quicker. I love WXPN from Philly- I even enjoy the traffic reports for the schuylkill expressway.
    Rave: Heading home to Philly for Christmas tomorrow!
    Rave: Good gift karma- every once in a while, you just really nail the gift-giving act. My sister-in-law LOVED her gift I got her!

  • Rave 1: Today is my Friday before a four-day weekend of a blissfully calm, holiday weekend in DC.

    Rave 2 through one billion: See Rave 1.

  • Rave: After today I get to be off work for 5 straight days! Which will also provide me with some much need shopping time tomorrow to finish up christmas presents.

    Rave: So excited about plans for NYE in Richmond!

    Rant: Jealous sauce about people who have a enough leave to take two weeks off around the holidays.

    Rant: My credit card balance is getting kind of scary…there will be some severe cost cutting after the holidays.

    • Also P.S. – loving that shnazzy picture…what is that caviar? I’ve kind of always wanted to use the words ‘toast points’ (that is what they are called right?) in a sentence…

  • Today is my last day of work until January 4! And I’m comfortably busy today so things will fly by at work. YEAH!

    • What type of work do you do. I am always curious about people that can take the rest of the year off around this time. Business world does not work that way so I am guessing government or government contractor. Not hating, honestly curious.

      • I used to work for an association that closed down for the week of Christmas. We had to take two days of it out of our own leave, but they gave us the rest. I know of several non-profits that do some form of that arrangement.

      • My office (not goverment or a contractor) will be open for business except for Dec. 26 and Jan. 2; I just have enough time off to take the rest as time off.

      • SouthwestDC

        I’m Navy contractor. The shipyard shuts down for two weeks so there’s not much going on production-wise, and a lot of our government counterparts up here are taking off.

        My company has the 26th and 30th as holidays this year– we usually get Christmas as well as Christmas Eve in lieu of Columbus Day, President’s Day, MLK, Veteran’s Day, etc, but this year both fall on the weekend. Since we only have three days next week, and our clients are not in, a lot of us are taking leave. I’ve never had a week off that wasn’t for a trip, so this is pretty exciting.

        Normally I’d be in the week after Christmas, but they way it works out this year there’s not much of a reason to. I’ll probably do some work from home though.

      • I’m a lawyer and there’s nothing going on next week so while the office is technically open, there will be very few people here. My husband’s NGO is closed for the week. I know of a couple of trade associations that close down, too, as their manufacturer members go on shut down this week and next. I don’t know how common that is in manufacturing generally, but in the one particular industry I work with, it’s across the board.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’m a gov contractor and my place is open. We only get the Mondays after Christmas and New Years off. I bet there will be people here on those day, though.

      • My company (a PR firm) takes the week off between Christmas and New Year’s. First time I’ve had that week off since grad school. Sending love to my friends in theatre who hardly get Christmas off…

      • tonyr

        Don’t know what “Business” you’re in, but in mine (telecoms) the place is pretty much deserted and will be even more so tomorrow and all next week. There will be a skeleton crew in for most areas and the network operations people will be here 24×7. But I don’t forsee any frenetic marketing, sales, engineering, IT or HR activity prior to next year. Just chill and enjoy it while you can. There are precious few gravestones out there inscribed with “I wish that I’d spent more time at the office”

  • Only a handful of us in the office today, and I SWEAR the clock just went backwards 5 minutes.

  • claire

    I’ve been doing a lot of rants lately, but it’s all raves today.

    Rave: Passed along a lot of good karma yesterday – gave away a coupon to a stranger (had two $10 for $20 and could only use one), agreed to cat sit for a stranger (via the comments here!), and gifted an awesome telescope to a friend.
    Rave: That feeling when you find the perfect present for someone. The holiday season is stressful because I’m often too obsessed with getting exactly the right things for everyone, but I feel pretty good about how I did this year.
    Rave: Craigslist. It’s treated me so well over the years – it’s how I found the perfect telescope for my friend, and it’s also how I found my current living situation and my current boyfriend (fun story).
    Rave: Spice and Tea Exchange in Georgetown – went yesterday for the first time, and the owner was super friendly, there was a great selection of spices, and the prices were surprisingly reasonable. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s right next to Muncheez Mania which is one of my favorite places for a quick bite.

  • Is it just me, or is the national christmas particularly ugly this year?

  • Rant: Celebration of Festivus seems to be declining. People are forgetting the true meaning of Seinfeld!
    Rave: Recently discovered that Jackie Chiles has made a comeback online.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: I’ve got a hot date with Ernie (http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2011/12/your-afternoon-animal-fix-264/#comments-section) for the next few days.

    Rant: Ernie doesn’t like me so much. He likes to glare at me.

    Rave: Vendor buying us lunch today!

    Rave: Heard about a possible great opportunity from my cousin.

  • Rant: I’m a giant ball of anxiety and stress this week. 🙁

  • rave: going to new jersey today for 9 days. merry christmas vacation to me.
    rave: third round of interviews tomorrow in nyc
    super rant: raise i was supposed to get, pulled out from underneath me.
    rave: new guy wants to do something together for nye. not used to that sort of thing.

  • I am blessed and highly favored, as are each and every one of you.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Rave: My wife is 6-weeks pregnant! Had the first ultrasound today. This has been a bit of an ordeal, and I can’t believe it’s actually real.

    Rant: Normal nervousness that things might not work out, and because it’s only 6-weeks, I can’t tell anyone!

  • Rave: a few more hours and then 4 day weekend!

    Rant: have to do the timesheets for past few weeks. I hate timesheets. They make me want to hide under my desk.

  • Rave:
    small, living christmas tree in new apartment looks fab
    only 2 of us at the office so I can get work done, and put music on and dance like an idiot
    Time off next week to finish setting up new apartment, see friends and family and adopt my kitty.

    Rant – not a single one!

  • Rave: Last day in the office until 2012!

    Rant: Work laptop will be coming home and bring the office to me over the break.

    Rave and question: Not traveling for the holidays means that we’re spending our first ever Christmas in DC!

    But between not knowing what to do with all the travel time we’re not spending in the car/airport and generally not knowing what happens in DC this time of year, I’m stumped for DC festivities. Places to go, things to see?

  • Bear

    Rant: Being halfway around the world for the holidays, missing my friends and family 🙁

    Rave: Instead I’m going to go see the source of the Nile and chill by a pool for 4 days. And apparently everyone in my family is sick with bronchitis, pinkeye, and sinus infections, courtesy of my niece and nephew. So instead of getting sick I’ll be working on my tan 🙂

    • Enjoy it!!! What a neat (and relaxing) way to spend the holidays. Hope all is well over there in Africa!!

      • Bear

        Thanks Britt! Still bummed we didn’t get to hang out on the plane–what a funny coincidence that would have been. Looking forward to meeting you when I get back to DC!

  • Ravelous: Really loving being Santa this year. My oldest is at the point where he remembers past Christmases and is brimming with anticipation. It really makes the season joyful in a way that I have not experienced since I was a kid. Can’t wait for Christmas morning.

  • Rave: I’m off until 12/27.

    Rant: I still periodically check to make sure I am wearing my work badge.

  • Rant: the weather!
    Rave: the weather!

    Rant: Falling asleep at my desk
    Rave: All alone in the office and listening to the crooning of Christmas carols by Dean Martin and Bing Crosby…which is probably adding to the falling asleep

  • Rave: Bloomingdale getting a Thai-Japanese restaurnt.

    Rant: Shaw metro getting another 70’s style low-income housing project. (Yea, haters gonna hate, and I hate bad urban planning.)

  • Rave: It was just announced that we will be dismissed three hours early tomorrow. Yay! I am not taking any leave over the holidays, so any little gift like that reallly counts.
    (Now I just have to control my greed and not expect to be let out early next Friday too.)
    (But I hope we do!)

  • christanel

    Feeling pretty great. Long day in the office but the end came with a raise + bonus!

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