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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rave: Started wrapping Christmas presents last night.

    Rant: Got winded wrapping Christmas presents last night.

    Rave: Christmas lights. They are the perfect thing to light up these long nights.

  • Rant: House hunting.
    Rave: HOME in 12 days!!!
    Rant: My manager isn’t pulling her weight on a collaborative project. Stop “checking in” on my work when you haven’t done your part.

  • Rave: Leaving for the family holiday vacation this Friday. We’re all going to Hawaii to visit more family 🙂

    Rant: We’re all extremely worried about my sister’s boyfriend embarrassing us again during the trip. He’s an alcoholic and she’s in denial about it. Last year’s family reunion, the flight attendants kicked him off the plane because he was already drunk before getting onto the plane. We’ve tried talking to her about his issue, but she gets extremely defensive and will ignore all of us for weeks. He’s also possessive… there were times when they got into arguments because he didn’t want her to hang with a family friend/her best friend. The family friend/her best friend is gay and use to change my diapers!! We really care about her boyfriend and we all want him to get help, but think my sister isn’t really helping with her denial. Dude will finish a bottle of damn cheap whiskey in two days.

    • That’s a tough dynamic – sorry. All you can really do is start practicing calm detachment. Maintain clear offers of support but absolute refusal to engage. Boyfriend gets hauled off the plane – “Oh dear, sorry you won’t be able to join us.” No bail-out, no changing your own plans.

    • I disagree. I don’t think you can sit by while your sister is with this guy. He’s clearly controlling which is abusive behavior and would make me think that he’s not that far away from being much, much worse. I understand that you can’t change her or him, but don’t sit idly by until she gets hurt by his drunk driving or violence.

  • Rave: That sign!
    Rant: No Christmas tree this year. No decorations in the office. No Nutcracker tickets. No money for Christmas shopping. Probably not going home. No Christmas spirit! :o(

  • Rant: Circulator driver pulls away from bus stop at K and 13th where there is clearly an accident ahead blocking our movement (ambulance, police, etc). After sitting for 10 minutes he wouldn’t let anyone off because we were not “at the stop”. When he finally went around the block the Circulator bus behind us passed by us first! It would have been nice if the bus driver offered us the opportunity to get off before he left the stop.

    Rave: Christmas Shopping Done!! Time to put on the Christmas tunes and wrap.

    Rave: House moderately but nicely decorated for Christmas!

  • Rave: my mom makes the best cookies in the world
    Rave: she sent us a whole box, which we found on the porch this morning
    No rants from me, but my husband may be mad when he sees how many I’ve already eaten…

  • rave: that sign. i was just thinking about all the people with their noses buried in to cell phones, on elevators, on the bus, on the street, not paying attention to anything.

    rave: 1 more week till vacation!

    rave: my dog.

    rave: having a temp in the office.

    rave: super cute guy wants a 3rd date.

    rant: just feeling super anxious lately, and i can’t shake it. sigh.

  • Rant: I can’t shake this feeling that I’m not fulfilling my dreams. I feel like I’m doing a lot to pursue them: researching/taking active steps toward grad school programs, keeping up with foreign language skills, networking, volunteering, applying for jobs in my field, etc. But I get discouraged doing my admin asst. job day after day, thinking to myself that this is not what I studied for, or what I moved to Washington for. I know I’m young and driven, and I am trying to keep my hopes up that more experience and more networking and more education will get my career path back on track. But it’s a pervasive feeling.
    Rave: So many people in DC and here in PoPville have made comments in the past about moving beyond and learning a lot from underemployment. Hope I will do the same on both counts.
    Rave: Getting into the holiday spirit, and looking forward to seeing what 2012 brings!

    • Rave 3: PoP website administrators added back the navigational buttons on the top of each blog post so we don’t have to go back to the homepage to move from post to post. Thanks!!

    • ew, I feel the same way. I didn’t get a degree in Social Work to sit behind this desk, and I’m not quite sure how I got stuck on the Administrative Assistant track. I’m in a helping environment, surrounded by people who are doing what I would rather be doing. Instead, I make their copies and answer the phones.

      • I try to keep the mindset that it’s not a “track,” but it pays the bills while I work toward other options. Positivity ain’t easy, but it’s a hell of a lot better than complacency and self-pity (the latter of which I have subjected myself to for WAY too long.)

  • Rave: Just got an email that Miss Pixie’s lease has been extended for five years (this may be old news to others, but not to me!) I have my issues with the store, but it is a great asset to the neighborhood and I’m so glad it will stay put.

    Rant: I’ll pass for today. 🙂

  • shipsa01

    Rant: NY Avenue this morning – or heck – any morning. Worst road in DC – and the intersection at NYA and Florida is worse than when the District “fixed” it.

    Rave: Eataly has found a spot (supposedly) in DC and it’s 60,000 square feet! NYC’s Eataly is only (ha) 42,000!

    • The redesigned New York Ave./Florida Ave. intersection is mind-boggling.

      I have a hard time remembering what it was like before (other than a hell of a lot less complicated).

      Recently, I was on Florida Avenue going east, and wanted to continue on Florida Avenue going east. I got out of the leftmost of the three left-turn lanes (the one designated for New York Avenue), and got into the middle of the three left-turn lanes (one of the two designated for eastbound Florida Avenue).

      In theory this would be fine. However, in reality it seems that there’s always a backup of cars from the lanes turning onto New York Avenue, and thus it’s not possible to continue in the middle left-turn lane all the way through the intersection.

      After this happened to me twice, I realized that I should use the rightmost of the left-turn lanes, and that’s what I’ve been doing since then. But it seems crazy to spend so much time and money redoing an intersection that confuses everyone and creates new problems.

      • Agreed. The design of Wendy’s Circle is absolutely atrocious. Not that I miss the backup that occured when doing the loop to get from FL to NY to go out of DC… but is was a heckuva lot easier back then. They had to redo it when the land was sold but still… good grief.

        Props to DDOT for a horrible solution to a horrid intersection

      • 100% agree about that intersection. when driving, i do whatever i can to avoid florida avenue in those few blocks. it even makes walking the intersection worse.

      • claire

        I’m more likely to walk through this intersection (going to the metro) than drive through it and what kills me the most is that at one point there are crosswalks for three sides of the intersection but not the fourth – so either you have to go around three sides instead of directly across or cross illegally and dangerously! Very not pedestrian friendly.

      • To get to 50 from northwest (MT P, CH, 16th St H, Petworth), I always go out Franklin St to 14th St NE and then down Montana Ave to NY. That route bypasses a lot of congestion. Of course, there’s also Franklin St to South Dakota, but that’s a little longer.

    • Been to Eatily in NY and it sucked. Would be happy to let them have the bigger one…

      • I really enjoyed Eataly. Why do you think it sucks?

      • I was also unimpressed. I ordered a pizza that came out limp and soggy. The exterior crust was ok, but the interior crust was so thin that it was like tissue paper. I couldn’t pick it up and eat it, so I resigned myself to eating it with a fork. Also, it didn’t taste that great.

  • Rave: Baked my first batch of Christmas cookie lat night!
    Rant: Failed to wake up early enough to go to yoga and work off said cookies. Whoops.
    Rave: Christmas cookies for breakfast!
    Rant: When are we getting a gym and/or yoga studio in Petworth? I’m clearly too lazy to trek to Columbia Heights
    Rave: I’m going to eat another cookie to console myself!

    • A yoga studio will open in Petworth within the next month or two. Can’t remember the name or exact location, but it’s going to be co-owned by one of the yoga instructors at WSC.

  • Rant: poorly organized doctor’s offices. both on the billing and the scheduling side. grr.

  • Revel: PepperRidge Farm Lemon Cookies!
    That is all.

  • Rave: The guy I dislike MOST at work…pompous jerk…has announced he is leaving for another job. Can I say YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!

    Rant: No rant as this was great news!! A few of us at work are celebrating quietly.

  • Rave: great new doctor

    Rant: obnoxious staff and crappy health insurance

  • Rave: Having our holiday Christmas party today! After-work drinks as well!

    Rant: The two contractors in our office are not allowed to participate…which they were told today as they brought in gifts for the white elephant gift exchange. Feeling kind of glum. I used to be a contractor, so I know what it feels like to be excluded from fed events.

    Rave: So much to be thankful for each and every day. I love the holidays.

    • Appreciate the sentiment, but celebrating the holidays with “will never be fired” feds whiile my job hangs in the balance so I must keep kissing ass is not actually my idea of a good time.

  • Rave: Counting down to vacation week hopefully filled with Christmasy kid stuff.
    Rant: Mother-in-law is coming and I need some elves or a time machine to get the house ready.

  • claire

    Rave: Had a really fun date night last night tasting some bourbons at Bourbon in Adams Morgan.
    Rant: Did *not* want to get out of bed and go to work this morning.

    Rave: Being treated to dinner at Oyamel tonight (can’t wait to try to famed grasshopper tacos).
    Rant: I’m kind of a homebody so I think I’d rather stay home and cook myself dinner…

  • Rave: gorgeous morning this morning for my little 30-minute walk/trot (head phones on, Carpenter’s Christmas music!)

    Rave: finished my routine by swinging on the swings at Upshur Park.

    Dumb: forgot to take off my glasses before splashing my face when I got up this morning.

    Ditto: I love this season, the lights, and the music. I am ebullient!

    • Allison

      Man if you think forgetting to take off glasses before splashing your face is dumb, I’ve gotten in the shower so tired that I had nothing *except* my socks still on! The feeling of realization when my feet don’t feel right is just awful. So dumb. You’re not alone!

  • Is it bad to skip two work Christmas parties? I went to the smallest one earlier this month, but then we had an agency-wide one and a directorate-wide one, both held out in Virginia. I live in DC, so it is a pain to go to VA. However, it appears that everyone is going to these things. Am I not being a team player by foregoing these things?

    • Christmas parties shouldn’t be something you are obligated to go to – they are intended for your benefit/amusement. At least you went to the one (presumably for those working closest with you).
      Perhaps if the party is during work hours and your boss/staff are attending, that’s a different story…

      • Thanks. They are during work hours, but most of the people go home right after them since they’re already across the bridge. I made cookies for everyone a week ago, so I’m hoping they don’t think it’s personal. I’m just adverse to 1) paying for a work party, and 2) going to Virginia (esp. when I don’t have a car)!

    • If you do decide to go, don’t get too drunk. At this one company I worked for, this girl got really drunk and was letting senior team members from our other office do jello shots off of her. I wasn’t there to see it, but there were photos of it passed around in the office.

  • Kalorini

    Rant: First final exam tonight. I cannot WAIT until this semester is over.

    Rave: Company holiday party tomorrow night!

    Rave: Decorated our apartment door for the door decorating competition last night. I really hope we win–first prize is $300 off a month’s rent!

  • rant: i was mugged last night for the first time in my life at 11th and columbia/harvard. scary and horrible feeling i am having trouble shaking today. more info in the forum section – http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2011/12/random-reader-rant-andor-revel-395/#comments-section. please be careful out there everyone.

    rave: i am not hurt and the police responded very quickly.

  • RANT: Being among the middle class (if there is still such a thing) living in DC. I feel like I’m constantly scraping by. *sigh*

  • So. Ridiculously. Burnt. Out.

    I don’t want to work anymore! All my coworkers work their 8 hours and are out, yet somehow I’m the one with the insane deadlines. Hate hate hate everyone. Hate hate hate that I feel this way around the holidays… which I cannot enjoy.

  • em

    Revel: L’Enfant Plaza eateries had a grand re-opening celebration for ANC 6D residents and gave out envelopes of cash ($15) so that people could try the food. Thus, free Moe’s and Frozen Yogurt Indulgence!

    Rant: It turns out that Moe’s puts soy protein in their black beans (and in pretty much all of their “meats”) – and my body get very, very angry when I accidentally ingest soy protein.

  • Rant: MPD officer in 5th District marked car #501: appx 8pm, 13 Dec, ran the stop sign on 2nd St NW just north of what was G St, and cut me off as I was coming up the off ramp from I-395. Way to look like an @$$, and undermine what little respect for the MPD I might have left… Well Done Sir!

    • Ugh… had an annoying experience with cops recently too. At about 1 AM two cop cars facing opposite directions were stopped in the middle of the street and it appeared the officers inside were just chatting. No lights on and no effort to move when traffic came – just sat there and let everyone go around.

  • I am so waiting to be fired from my job. I’m not going to quit, I’m not doing anything wrong. My boss is so incompetent that whenever anything goes wrong, I get both barrels. She decided to chew me out in front of everyone this morning and I let her know where and when she went wrong and upon research found out I was indeed correct.
    I’m on her shit list now. She’s looking for any reason at all to can me. O! Sweet release.

  • @Anon2:43
    I can feel where you are coming from. My boss is so impulsive, she flies off the handle at me often. She refuses to re-write my position description to get me to do tasks that she knows that I am not supposed to do. She is mad at her whole staff because none of us showed up at her house on Labor Day. On top of that, she has been here since the late ’80s, and not tweaked the operation from the previous director. I am going to stick it out until the next buy out is announced and I’m gone!!!

  • I meant Anon 2:34

  • Rave: Getting my teeth bonded next week. I’m sick and tired of “squirting” from the gap between my teeth all the time. It’s disgusting. Even ravier: Insurance is paying for it!
    Rant: My job is just plain kicking my ass right now. And I work all the way through the 23rd, unlike most people in my profession. But I neeeed a break nowwww!

  • if I ever have to work for a nervous, overbearing boss again I think I might shoot myself. Only two days left…

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