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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • rant: burst pipes.
    rave: renting and not having to lift a finger.

    • austindc

      You just reminded me of another rave: We finally patched and painted the last hole in our wall that was the remnant of the repairs we had to do on our burst pipes from six months ago. The nightmare is over!

  • Rant: Was knocked into and my dog almost stepped on because we were apparently walking too close to a group of teenagers walking 4 wide on the sidewalk today. She included some awful comments but I just kept walking. So sick of the rudeness. Not the first time this has happened, won’t be the last I’m sure.

    Rave: Had some fun/pleasant chats with others on the street afterwards. Trying to walk on the sunny side and not let one group of awful kids ruin an otherwise nice morning.

    • Glad you’re seeing the good in the world, but your rant is upsetting! I think I’ve hit rudeness/cruelty-overload recently and I haven’t found a particularly effective strategy to cope with it yet.

    • I’m usually wary of groups of teenagers but was walking in Columbia Heights this weekend as a group walked past… one girl was glaring at me so I was starting to get worried and then she broke out into a smile and said, “Hey, I really like your jacket!”

    • I was trying to pass a group like that on U Street once. Not only were they walking four acrosss but walking SLOOOOOWLY. I accidentally brushed arms with the girl on the end and promptly said, “Excuse me, I’m sorry”, and she in turn gave me the Death Stare.

      I was almost bowled over by a girl one time…she just kept walking, didn’t even look back. One thing people in DC do NOT do is say “Excuse me”!!!

    • @mnindc, try not to let the bad behavior of others get you down. I have been noticing bad behavior all over the place. People are stressed and they aren’t able to cope with what’s going on in their life’s. I was with a neighbor in Rockville and he bumped into a guy outside of the Bestbuy on the sidewalk. He got into a yelling match with the guy and I had to step in between them both because I felt if could turn into a racial incident. Sometimes, I don’t want to come out of my apartment just to avoid the bad human behavior of some people. Hany in there and try not to let others bad behavior affect you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    • em

      It isn’t just teenagers. I’ve been knocked into more than once by (presumably) federal employees near Fed Center SW so involved in their own conversations / getting to lunch / going to or from work that they don’t notice or don’t care where they are walking and that their gaggle is taking up the entire sidewalk.

  • me

    Rave: Not a bad morning so far. Got feedback on a report that wasn’t completely negative, and so that helps put me in a better mood for the rest of the day.

    Rave 2: Goldfish crackers for breakfast. (I guess it’s the little things.)

    Rant: Having a coworker that is normally negative, so the fact that I got a blase response from her and that actually made me happy is kind of bewildering to me.

  • Rant: People who believe a person’s intelligence directly correlates with how much money they make.

    Rave: Decorating for Christmas in earnest for the first time. Mantel consists of a snowglobe, fake garland, garish blinking lights, fake twigs and a giant stuffed penguin. I’ll get better at this, I promise…

    • I think salary and intelligence are inversely proportionate in this city.

    • Your rave makes me happy. I made an effort to decorate my measly apartment. This entailed taking out the Dollar Store decorations from last year and lighting my fake plastic tree. Getting into the Xmas spirit if it’s the last thing I do! 🙂

  • Rave: Love, adore & can’t get over the new apartment.
    Rant: Super busy workweek coming off a long move-in weekend.

  • Rave: I’m not at work this morning.

    Rant: Because I’m at the doctors office for a test that takes 2.5 hours.

    Revel: It’s an easy and non-embarrassing test.

    Rant: I never ride the red line during rush hour but did today. So THAT’S what everybody complains about. It was CRAAAAZYYY.

    Revel: I normally take the relatively non-crazy green line in the a.m. rush.

    • I’m so thankful I moved from the red line to the green line… My commute is so much more sane now!

    • I totally agree. I commute from Columbia Heights to Crystal City in mid-morning, and it’s totally pleasant. I can see why people who have to travel at rush hour are so down on Metro, but I’m a big fan.

  • claire

    Rant: Really need to cut back on spending – wish DC wasn’t so expensive!
    Rant: Feeling strangely overwhelmed by life today (just one of those days, I guess).
    Rave: My life is really quite good overall and I’m usually able to keep that in mind.

  • bfinpetworth

    Rant: none I can think of.

    Rave: can’t think of any rants. No seriously, I’m headed for San Juan tomorrow for a few days of work/fun. Yay!

  • Rave: Planning on getting a real Xmas tree for the first time in years.

    Rant: No rant. Did you see my rave?

    • My rave too! Real tree! Though my boyfriend is Jewish, so its a holiday tree. Whatever, we have a dead fir tree in our living room and its awesome!

  • Rant: People who go to a concert and are less focused on actually listening to and enjoying the artist than they are on taking photos and videos of the show with their smartphones and posting about it on Facebook and/or Twitter.
    If a tree falls in the forest and it’s not posted on Facebook or tweeted about on Twitter, did it really fall?

  • Rave: Masonry, painting and gutter repair to the front of the house is done! It doesn’t look nearly as ugly as it did before.

    Rant: Still not feeling so hot and desire nothing more than to snuggle on the couch with the cat, a cup of tea, and Star Trek (which I recently discovered is on Netflix!), but at work instead. And, yes, I realize how much of a geek that statement makes me!

  • Rave: Next-to-last day at work a.k.a hell. So happy to be leaving this place of corruption, deceit and laziness from the top.

    Rant: Feeling guilty for leaving some of my projects undone – but as far as I am concerned, my boss/Voldemort deserves it. It might not pay to be vindictive, but I will never seek out this man or company out again. To hell with it.

    Rave: Dinner with the family and boyfriend at Clyde’s tonight to celebrate my departure!

    • Congratulations! I have 137 days to go until my chosen last day – I can’t wait! Somehow just choosing the date and making a plan has made me SO MUCH HAPPIER and I can ignore the idiocy around me.

      • claire

        Congrats to picking a date even if it’s so far out – it really helps to have something to look forward to! I haven’t picked an exact date yet, but I have a pretty similar amount of time left (if that’s 137 actual work days), and thinking about that does help me power through sometimes.

  • Rant: Came home from work yesterday to discover my house had been broken into and several things taken (and door broken). 5+ years in DC and first experience of this type.

  • Rant: My bosses make us have meetings purely for the sake of having a meeting.

    Rant: have my cranky pants on today.

  • austindc

    Rave: Met a really nice fellow citizen of PoPville on my ride home last night! He too was fond of obeying traffic signals while on a bike. Very friendly dude, and we had a nice chat while we waited for lights to change. Totally made my night!

    Rave: Bottled our saison! Should be ready in time for the holidays!

    Rave: Biked a Christmas tree home on my back, and now the house looks very festive.

    Rant: Why do I get hungry for lunch at 10:30 in the morning? Just devoured the thing.

    • You were riding a bike with a Christmas tree strapped to your back? I hope someone snapped a photo – sounds like a good caption contest to me.

      • austindc

        Yeah, my wife got a couple of photos! Maybe we should put them on this Flikr thing that everyone’s so wild about.

  • Rant: Impossible tasks at work.

    Rant: Wasting time online instead of doing said impossible tasks.

    Rave: Came across this: http://thumbpress.com/25-pictures-of-the-most-comfortably-uncomfortable-first-world-problems/ and now feel somewhat better (I think?)

  • jim_ed

    Rave/Rant? : I made (what I thought was) a clever joke about not getting a copy of the Economist in a thread about the mail truck robbery the other day. Lo and behold, I wake up sunday morning and find 6(!) issues of the Economist lying on the sidewalk in front of my place. This was either an ironic coincidence, or I have a VERY passive aggressive PoP stalker. Either way, I’m flattered…. I think.

    Rant: I’m pretty sure the wife and I saw someone loading a bunch of stolen bicycles/parts into a car last night while out walking the dog. Neither of us brought a cell phone, so we couldn’t do anything about it. Nor did we have any proof that any of it was stolen, so I doubt we had any reason to make an accusation.

  • Rave: I have my reasons.

  • Riding home on 14th St yesterday I thought I had a flat tire on my bike so I pulled over to check. A woman riding behind me stopped to ask if everything was ok.

    Rant: Adding to my re-torn meniscus woe is a strained ligament in my hand.

    Brace on hand, ice on knee, working from home today.

  • Rave: No more catch phrases.

    Rant: Was hoping new commenting feature would have a “like” button so I could give and receive adulation for comments that are appreciated.

  • pablo .raw

    rant: SmarTrip card was washed and dried; with no time to buy another one I paid $20 for a regular card.
    rave: decided to give it a try and it still works! and is very clean!

    • In case you didn’t know, you can transfer a certain amount of fare from a paper farecard over to your shiny, clean SmarTrip at one of the fare machines. I can’t remember the actual procedure, but it works quite nicely.

  • Rave: Today is shaping up WAY better than yesterday.
    Rant: The term of my temp job may be coming to a close- not sure what they’d do without someone in this position permanently, and being hired is a possibility, but I’m stressing nonetheless.
    Rave: Someone in my office suggested that I help out on some projects in their (much more interesting) division. Could be a chance to show my mettle in a more challenging and less administrative position…just have to find the right way to follow up.
    Rave: Going to the gym for the 3rd time in three days after a 3 week long hiatus/eating overload.

    Happy Tuesday, PoPville!

    • I was in a similar situation. The way I followed-up was on a “slow” day administratively, I sent the co-worker an e-mail inquiring about the project she had mentioned with which she may need assistance. I told her that things were slowing down quite a bit as of recent at the front desk (which wasn’t necessarily true…), and would love the opportunity to try new things in other departments of the organization. She was super friendly and even thankful for following-up and getting some relief from her workload.

      Chances are, if she mentioned something in the first place then it was pretty genuine. And it would absolutely help you in the long-term to branch out in the office and show versatility and dedication. Good luck!

      • thank you! I will try that sometime before the holidays. I’d really like to stay, and I want to show my skills and enthusiasm, but without seeming like I’m going around my current supervisor’s authority. I will probably casually mention it to her that Coworker X downstairs needs some help with another project, and if it’s okay, and I have all my other stuff done, I’d like to help out.

    • Good word usage re ‘mettle’

  • Rant: Still waiting to get my login info for the new site emailed to me. This squid needs an avatar!

    Rave: Seasonal baking class tonight with Mr. Squid at Hill’s Kitchen for anniversary present.

    Rant: Feeling very tired/bummed/stressed/etc.

    Rave: New love seat soon!

    • Reply and rant/rave:

      Rant: My login e-mail never showed up either, but…

      Rave: … when I went to the PoP site at home and tried to sign up (assuming that something with my work IT had prevented me from signing up properly), it told me that I had already signed up. So all I had to do was reset my password.

      Rant: I reset my password and thought I was done. But this morning, it told me I still had a temporary password and prompted me to reset it. I reset it… and it _still_ thought I had a temporary password.

      I’m now giving up. I can’t be bothered to sign in if I’m going to have to reset my password every single time.

      • pablo .raw

        I had to do it several times until it finally worked, I was even asked to reset a permanent password because it was temporary. Good luck!

  • Rant: Work is crazy and doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon.
    Rave: Some of what is making work crazy is the number of holiday activities in the next two weeks.

    Rave: Boyfriend is coming home from a business trip tonight!

  • Not exactly a rant – but why are so many parents doing the work of finding a sublet for their (college-age or above) kid’s internship in DC? I could see if the kid was in Tanzania or something at the moment, but otherwise I don’t get it. Part of deciding if I want to rent to a person is the initial interaction with that person.

    • Because sometimes parent’s try to do things for their kids, sometimes it’s too much you could argue. It could be the kids don’t have the skills to look for a rental in a new city. Parents often have a better idea because they are older and may have had experience at some point in their life. Their kids may not since they are young, maybe first place after college, parents might be acting as a guarantor in order for kid to rent place so they want to check out the place that their money is getting. Whether or not you think it’s fair, these parents may be trying to do what they think is the best interest for their kid. It could also be that the kid spent so much time excelling in school that they don’t have the basic skills, like renting, for the real world.

    • If your parents told you they would help you find an apartment for your internship when you were in college, would you take them up on it?
      1. They’ll do the work and you just have to go there, because they’re so used to taking care of you.
      2. It makes it more likely that they’ll pay all or part of your rent. Especially when they find out that you can’t get an apartment in DC for the same price you could get an apartment in State College.

      • By age 16 I was eager to escape all parental interference. Got my own jobs (some out of state!) kept my own money and made my own plans. By 18 I could not imagine parents doing things for me. I did have a supportive father and knew if I was in a jam I could go to him for help, (and sometimes loans) but I would never consider having them do my legwork for an apt. or job. Just a different perspective I suppose.

        • Victoria,

          No argument from me–gaining your independence from your parents at 16 is a pretty amazing thing, especially if you seek it out (as opposed to your parents seeking independence from you). Often, people are for the better for it because being self-sufficient is what most people aim for, I think. Having said that, I do think that some people like having their parents (or someone else) do everything or as much as one can get away with. Some of these people are still decent people who believe in becoming competent people who try to be self-sufficient while others seem to be just fine having other people do things for them.

          By the way, I think it’s a good idea to meet the prospective tenant, too. If the parent is acting as a guarantor or is helping the kid out find a place to live, they also might be involved with when things go wrong and it might be a good idea to think about dealing with the prospective tenant AND their parent. I am going to guess that if a parent is that involved in the “finding a place to live” process, they will be right in your face when and if something goes wrong.

    • Good points from Andy and DCer, but like Victoria, I’d still want to talk to the prospective tenant directly. What if the parent is organized and responsible, but the kid is a total slacker who won’t take good care of the rental unit, will pay rent late, etc.?

      • Isn’t that what “guarantors” and “security deposits” are for? I might feel better as a landlord if there was a (more) responsible adult I could turn to if the tenant started acting the fool on me.

    • I used to be the Volunteer Coordinator for a shelter and I had parents calling me trying to find the actual internship for their kid! I don’t care how talented you think he is, or how much education…if you can’t do it yourself then I don’t want you!

  • Rant: I have a headache in my face! Like right behind my cheeks. It is so strangely painful.

    Rave: quiet day at the office.

    • sounds like a sinus headache. Sometimes I find if press down on my cheekbones, it goes away.
      And from an earlier conversation, yes, we’re neighbors. I’m on Webster.

    • it does sound sinus related – you may want to search youtube for a video on massaging your sinuses to help relieve the pressure, hopefully it helps.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: My previous post was eaten by the Internet. That’s a rave because I was in a grumpy mood and had nothing good to say.

    Rave: Coworker brought the library yummy chocolates back from her holiday.

  • Bear

    Rant: I just opened a beer from the mini bar and it seems that someone had already opened it, drank it, filled the bottle with tap water (from Uganda), and put the cap back on. GROSS.

    Rant: There aren’t any more beers in there and I’ve had a hell of a day.

  • Rave: had a GOOD job interview experience yesterday. Fingers crossed! And a nice change from sending resumes into a black hole for so long.

    Rant: truly hate my landlords. They are just so disrespectful it makes me angry and distrustful of anyone in their position. Lesson: never rent from a first-time, small-building landlord, not ever. Moving out in 3 weeks and although I can’t wait to be rid of them, they continue to make up rules and it is frustrating to have to waste my time arguing with them. I grudgingly foresee a long battle to get our deposit back but refuse to give up. The world must know the truth that they suck! Can I yelp about landlords?

    • You probably could Yelp about your landlords, but I’d also check to see if the apartment you’re renting is legal. If not, you can report them. The fine isn’t huge, but it will be a hassle and they’ll have to do the things they should have done before they rented it out in the first place. I don’t have the links handy for where to look them up or report them, but a google search should reveal all.

  • Rant: Work is a soul-sucking Sisyphean process and gets harder to do with each passing day.

    Rave: Reading Rants and Raves helps me realize that at least I wasn’t mugged or burgled today.

    Rant: Why does the most expensive fresh fruit and produce seem to spoil the fastest? I bough a fruit cup from the market last night that went bad by this morning.

    Rave: I’m glad I still have a job and am able to purchase the aforementioned fruit

  • Rave: Relatively productive day at the office. Makes up for the complete lack of productivity yesterday.

    Rave: Boyfriend is being honored at some swanky awards gala tonight at the Reagan building = getting dressed up!

    Rant: Have to leave work early to go. Had to bring my cocktail dress to work with me. Have to get ready in the bathroom. Ready to be judged by co-workers for my attire as I walk out of the office.

  • Rave: about to buy my first house.
    Rant: the closing agent is late
    Rave: mortgage payment will be 1/5 of what I pay in rent

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