Radius Pizza Burglarized Thurs. Night in Mt. Pleasant

From the owners of Radius [3155 Mt Pleasant St, NW]:

Two young men, one of whom is pictured here, broke into our building and stole keys, a wallet, and a laptop from a resident around 10:00pm and then came back later (after the police came and investigated the first theft) to break into our restaurant.

They were not opportunistic – they made a beeline (muddy shoeprints outline every move they made) for both the register and the office downstairs and stole our ENTIRE safe. Fortunately, there was very little in the safe and nothing in the register so it really wasn’t worth the time they’ll spend trying to get it open but they clearly observed our building and restaurant because they were very specific in what they were looking for – didn’t take flat-screen televisions, computers, or anything else.

If anyone has any information on the man pictured, please contact us or the police.

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  • “Yo Yo Yo! I’ma steal yo empty cash register, boyyyyyyyyy!”

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Hopefully they catch these idiots. That’s a pretty clear picture, so hopefully someone is able to identify. What a shitty time to have to deal with this.

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