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  • It does look nice, but I just walked by it and I couldn’t help but notice that they don’t have a canopy over the seating area. I’ve come to think of the canopies at ABP, CB, and Sbarro’s as pigeon-poop shields (birds do get inside the station once in awhile, and Pret has a higher ceiling than, say, Chop’t, so it will be more likely to attract birdies overhead). That said, I’m more than willing to try them out for lunch later this week!

  • ah

    “Pret a manager” sounds like some temp. firm for midlevels.

  • I went there yesterday instead of my usual run to Starbucks but they were not handling the opening very well. They had far too many employees and kept moving people from behind the counter to great customers on the other side. All of which meant that they forgot my iced coffee twice, and made it wrong (unsweetened instead of sweetened). Might try back in a few weeks when they calm down but I’d avoid it for now.

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