PoPville – Do You Want a Bistro Wine Bar or a Tavern near Shaw’s O Street Market?

“Dear PoP,

I wanted to post a question to your readers on what the neighborhood would like to see open a Bistro Wine Bar or a Tavern. I am in the process of signing a lease in the Shaw Neighborhood and wanted a feedback from the community and will go with what gets the most votes either a Wine Bar or a Tavern.”

See proposed menus for Bin 1800 and Market Tavern after the jump.

Ed. Note: The following prices for Bin 1800 are for small plates.

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  • A tavern in Shaw…hmm…Whatever you do, don’t fudge the liquor license application

  • What is “cream fraiche”. Gah, typos in menus slays me.

  • I’ll be thrilled if you open either bit i have a knee jerk and negative reaction to anything with alcohol in the title (including wine bar) given the plethora of liquor joints and lack of nice restaurants in the area.

    • i know, me too! heed this warning, or your wine bar might get mistaken for a cash and carry with bulletproof glass and malt liquor. its very difficult to distinguish when they both mention some kind of liquor in the title!

  • Not to nit pick, but Market Tavern is a very bland name. It’s like City Restaurant. You may want to spice it up a bit to make it more memorable and give it cache.

  • Kalorini

    I agree with Bloomingdude–a catchier name would help Market Tavern. Looking forward to some nicer restaurants popping up, especially since Shaw is in one of the target real estate neighborhoods I’m looking in 🙂

  • Wine bars are so euro-trash.

    • dissing wine bars is so native american trash.

    • Not sure about the “Euro-trash” comment, but I’m with you in being skeptical of wine bars in DC. While they’re a great concept and work well in a lot of places, the label “wine bar” here just allows the owners to sell mediocre wine at ridiculously inflated prices (often in tandem with the dreaded “small-plates”). A real tavern/pub that’s not a corporate Irish knockoff would be really cool.

    • Ya’ll are funny!

  • I guess I can’t vote for both? 🙁

  • Tavern, Tavern, Tavern! (And I live in Shaw)

  • I like the menu for Market better. Call me unsophisticated, but I never know what to do with wine bar or bistro menus “food / other food / sauce / some veggie you’ve never heard of!” And I always end up spending more because you know you have to order like 3 or 4 dishes for two people.

  • Definitely the tavern. I live right by Dickson, and love it, but I hardly go cause it’s a wine bar. A tavern is somewhere I would go much more often

  • Tavern…but make it a real tavern please with reasonably priced, edible tavern food you can eat at once or twice a week…and absolutely no tapas/small plates please. Ugh.

  • I’d recommend a wine bar, since there’s that new tavern nearby in Bloomingdale. But, either would be a welcome addition!

  • Is this the same person who was looking at opening a wine bar on North Cap called Bin 1600?

  • Can you spill what address you’re looking to put this proposed tavern/wine bar in?

    FWIW – I think you’d have more universal appeal with a tavern over a wine bar in the heart of Shaw.

  • Tavern!!! I prefer wine to beer but I’d much rather hang out in a cozy tavern/pub than a chichi wine bar.

  • I’d say tavern, but with a significantly less pretentious and expensive menu.

  • Could you do a tavern with the wine bar menu? or just add the Vegetables from 1800 to the Market menu?

  • Tavern, please! I’m moving to Shaw at the end of this month and I’d be thrilled to see another good, casual (but not fast food!) dining option in the neighborhood. I think this would be very well received.
    Please keep using Prince of Petworth (if he’d be so willing) to query the neighborhood – it’s great to actually be asked about what we would like to see!

  • This is not 18th century England people… DC is getting overrun by taverns and bakeries. That’s not what DC needs, it needs more shoe and clothing stores, coffee shops, movie theatres, hardware stores, fitness gyms, electronics retailers and music shops. We need more culture spots, where people can hang out like Tryst rather than just another Bar.

    Businesses here fail every day because no one is trying to be original and utilitarian. Stop wasting that money.

    • agree that there is definitely a need for a gym in Shaw. I’m hoping that development at City Market or Progression Place will include a gym. With so many yuppies around, surely WSC can’t be far behind… right?

    • did 18th century england only have bars? i assumed they had other stores too, with not having access to amazon.com and all. no?

    • I don’t think it does need those things more than restaurants. After all, plenty of clothing/music/shoe shops close in DC too, and prepared food is something you can’t get online, as opposed to all of those things.

      Also, target and best buy are just a couple metro stops north of here, which compete with a lot of things you mentioned, there’s a movie theater 2 metro stops south, lots of coffee shops within a 5-7 block radius (big bear, azi’s, starbucks, caribou, etc), gyms on U St. and Gallery Place, hardware stores at Logan Circle and City Vista, etc. I’m not sure there’s a huge unmet market for most of what you suggested.

  • Not to be a naysayer, but aren’t these a little fussy/overpriced for the neighborhood? A low-key, well-maintained tavern would be great though.

  • Tavern with great craft beer and good simple tasty food. Nothing fancy. We need a good watering hole in Shaw. Somethig comfortable and functional. If you want 21 plates, go to Rogue 21, which is awesome in its own right. I live in Shaw a block away.

  • I agree that a tavern would do better in Shaw than a wine bar. There are very few dining options in Shaw, which is somewhat surprising given the number of residents. This is a fantastic time to open a place in Shaw, as things are developing faster here than any other neighborhood in the city. Good luck.

  • Too expensive? Y’all are crazy. Not a single entree approaching 20 bucks is downright cheap for downtown DC. I’d be happy with either, but since I lack confidence that the wine bar would actually have decent wine selections, I’ll go along with tavern and hope that the drinks are good.

  • Why is it that the prices for the Tavern are 50% higher than the prices for the wine bar? That seems a bit counter intuitive. That being said, open them both, about a block away from one another. Put them on 9th St between O & P.

  • Just open something like Stoney’s and you’ll make a fortune…good food, reasonable prices, comfortable atmosphere = tons of repeat customers from an expanding neighorhood…simple formula that seems to be lost in DC.

  • Reading one of the Historical Shaw signs I remember there being boxcar racing track across from O street (or close to it). They should def name it something that was around there back in the day like uh… Boxcar Tavern.

  • Could we get BOTH? Or at least a winebar called Market Winebar?

  • tonyr

    I hope that it is near the O Street Market and not further north. I live at 9th/N and spend over 50% of my disposable income on beer (before you ask, I squander the rest), so I vote for a Tavern. The bar at the Convention Center really doesn’t do it for me.

  • How about a decent restaurant with imaginative food–not fancy, not expensive.

  • Tavern – casual tavern, not one with pricey beers and pricey small plates as many others have said – plenty of those on 14th St and in CH. Just a good old gathering spot to get some good food and beer after work would be a great addition to our neighborhood!

  • How about The Shaw Shack Redemption.

  • I like the wine menu but depends on the space…Look how well cork does on 14th street and we are very close by bug far enough away not to travel! We already have beer at pasenger/Old Dominio/potentially Shaw’sTavern as they have appeaed on liquor license. You might consider posting this poll on the RenewShaw.com blog for a more local to the area of DC perspective. I might also suggest posting on ANC2C facebook page.

  • a good high-end diner! like the Diner used to be… LIke Ted’s Bulletin aspires to be. But with less heart-attack-inducing food than Ted’s! I’d like a place in the neighborhood we can go with our 2 year old and get a great veggie burger and fries and then a Friendly’s style ice cream sundae. I grew up in upstate NY and Friendly’s gives me warm feelings.

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