PoP Pre-Preview – Z Burger Coming to the Tivoli in Columbia Heights

Back in Oct. ’10 I shared some scuttlebutt that a Z Burger was coming to Columbia Heights in the old Mayorga/Nori Nori sushi spot in the Tivoli. The last interesting update came in March ’11 when I learned the former ticket booth space out front will be used to sell milk shakes.

Last weekend I was allowed to take a quick tour and share some photos. I’m told they’re now shooting to open in 3-4 weeks. And when you look at the photos you can tell why the renovations have been taking so long. I should say folks who remember Mayorga and Nori Nori will recognize one big change right away – they’ve closed off the second floor and created a huge open dining space:

I’ll be sure to update with an exact opening date once it’s finalized. After the jump check out a bunch more photos of how it looks on the inside.

Back room looking towards front room. Staircase actually closed off leading to drywall.

Front room

Back room ceiling

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  • Any info on the paintings? Were they there previously or are they a new add?

  • That is going to be one cool burger joint. I aways love going to Alero and spotting the old architectural details left from the theater.

  • Something just doesnt seem right with this space and Z Burger…anyway, might as well as good place as any to get my crappy death burgers and fries.

  • It seems a bit too grand for a burger joint — especially if the look and act like the staff in that “Now Hiring” ad — but I’m glad to see something being done with such a beautiful space.

  • Zebra Girl!

    POP, any word on the Z Burger across the street from the Waterfront Metro stop?

  • Did they preserve those historic old floor tiles? Looks to me like they’re gone 🙁

  • anonymouse_dianne

    They are also opening across from the Safeway at Waterfront. I have a subscription to Arena Stage and was checking out the new restaurants there. The one (Station 4?) seems to be an upscale Scotch bar. And Zburger is still aways from opening.

  • I agree with the other commenters in that this place seems too beautiful for a fast food burger joint. I really hope z burgers maintains the beauty of this space – it would be a crime if they didn’t.

  • christanel

    Excited to try it – hoping they can keep the place.

  • I have no idea whether there is any difference between Z Burger and 5 Guys. Is there?

    It just seems like two virtually identical places a block apart.

  • Worst use of space ever… I personally will not buy one french fry from this establishment… its a real pity something so beautiful destroyed for something so greasy…

  • Z-Burger will either do VERY well here or go belly-up. It”s concept is like Five Guy’s, but quirkier and more selection. Based on my experiences at their Tenleytown and Glover Park locations, they seem like an honest, hard-working family-run business worthy of patronage.

    IMHO it’s really good that locally-owned DC businesses are starting to get a foot-hold in CoHi, like Z-Burger and Alero.

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