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  • There’s already a hardware store in Petworth at Georgia and New Hampshire. Nice guys. Can cut a mean key.

    • Is it possible your thinking of the Metro? I am quite sure there is not a hardware store at that corner..

      • Capital Locksmith at 3655 Georgia Avenue – says “Hardware” on the awning and in the window if I recall correctly.

        I’ve never been there, although I did see they got good reviews on Yelp. Not sure how much of a hardware store they are as opposed to a locksmith.

        • Capital Locksmith is hardly ever open. I think believe they’re open weekdays 10-6 p.m. only, which might explain why Kyle-W thought there was no hardware store at that corner.

          Anonymous, shame on you for calling Kyle-W an idiot. Not only is it not in keeping with PoP’s Operation Restore Civility, it’s not at all in keeping with the holiday spirit.

      • All right! Now we’re getting into the PoP Christmas spirit!

        Seriously I don’t find the existing hardware store on Georgia to be very useful. I live a block away and end up driving to 17th St. or Home Depot. Glad to see the new Ace going in on Upshur – great news!

  • Hell yes. Can’t wait. I hope I never have to go to Home Depot again.

  • I’ve seen the plan for the mural that’s going up there and it, too, is going to be ace

  • will they have a lumber dept? hope so

  • Awesome. We’ve been walking by checking the progress here and there. It’s going to be really nice when that place opens.

  • Also, for you folks (like me) who are chain adverse. Keep in mind that this store is owned and operated by a local DC woman, it’s her small business, to open the ACE franchise in Petworth.

  • At the farmers market over the summer, they were telling us to expect a December opening. I’ll believe it when I see it. Will the service (if it ever opens) be like their promises?

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