No Festivus Celebration in Adams Morgan This Year

1st Festivus Celebration in Adams Morgan Plaza, Dec. ’08

In Dec. ’08 the Adams Morgan BID launched a successful Festivus celebration in the Adams Morgan Plaza. Readers have recently wrote in asking when the celebration would take place this year? In true Seinfeldian fashion, they’ve decided to go out on top – Festivus is no more in Adams Morgan. After the 3 years of a successful celebration they decided to end the observation before it got stale and routine.

For true Festivus fanatics – keep your eyes peeled in Shaw. Last year I found an actual Festivus pole.

And of course, while we can’t demonstrate feats of strength here, feel free to air your grievances in the comments. Happy Festivus to all!

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  • “Airing of Grievances”: The downtown Holiday Market. “The Downtown Holiday Market Takes Over F Street”…curb! Other then the energetc and rousing jazz band this event left me merely $12 poorer for the parking.

  • Sorry “AdMo” BID you were two years too late on the “becoming stale” front.

  • Now do I have to stand at the corner of 18th/Columbia and shout my grievances to anyone who passes by?!?!?

    This is an OUTRAGE and IT WILL NOT STAND!!!!!

    DO NOT let Adams Morgan turn into the next “CLEVELAND PARK”!!!!!!

  • My grievance is that I hate squirrels, hate, hate them…they are the most destructive creatures ever…cute? I think not.

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