New Pie CSA Launches – “CSP: Community Supported Pie”

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From an email:

Whisked is starting a pie CSA (aka, A “CSP: Community Supported Pie”), which I think is pretty nifty, and I was wondering if you’d like to do a post about it. The program is unique to the DC area, although pie CSAs have started in other cities (the one I’m most familiar with is run by Three Babes Bakeshop in San Francisco).

What is the CSP?: The community supported pie program works just like a regular CSA – members sign up for a “share” and in return receive a “harvest” of two six inch pies (one sweet and one savory), every two weeks. Six inch pies are a perfect serving size for two people.

When will I pick up my pies? We’ll drop off the pies on Friday afternoon to our pick up spots. Members can pick up on Friday evening or Saturday, during the pick-up spots’ operating hours. The first drop-off will be on Friday, Jan. 6; the program will run through Friday, April 27.

Where can I pick up my pies? Currently, members can pick up their pies at Mr. Yogato (1515 17th Street NW) on Fridays after 5:00 and Saturdays from (12 pm to 1:00 am). We are working on securing other pick-up spots in the DC area.

What is so cool about the CSP? What makes this so special and different from ordering one of our pies online? CSP members will get pie flavors that are not available at the market or online. Think bourbon butternut squash, kickin’ buffalo chicken or chocolate chipotle cream pies – flavors that will push the envelope a bit and are more daring. These aren’t your grandmother’s pies!

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  • Wow! I know someone who is going to be really excited about this. Sounds delicious!

  • Okay, I might be reading too fast, but nowhere here or on their Web site do I see a price. That’s pretty basic info. Anybody see it where I missed it? Or can anyone share this very pertinent detail?

    • $154 for the CSA. Look under Shop –> Tarts and Pies, bottom of page 2.

    • If you click through to their shop page, and scroll through the pies (kind of a pain – you’d think they’d make it more accessable), the price is 154.00 for 2 pies every 2 weeks from 1/6 to 4/27…which if I counted right is 11 pie days…so $7 for each 6 inch pie, if I did my math right.

  • Great idea! If there were a delivery spot somewhere on the Hill, I’m in!

  • Can I pick the flavor of the pies I want every two weeks?

  • I LOVE THIS!!! And now I can pick up in Cleveland Park.

  • Boy some people must really like pies.

  • Thanks for all the comments people! Yes, we just added a new pick up spot in Cleveland Park at Weygandt Wines (and we just updated the site with that info).

    DC15 – you’re right, it’s $154 for the whole four month program. And yes, the shop is a little annoying to navigate – I can’t link directly to a specific product in our store otherwise I would have done that. I’d love to have the funds and time to improve the web site in the near future.

    Christanel – no, you don’t choose the flavors – just like you don’t quite know what will be coming in your CSA box, the pie flavors are always a surprise, and will change with the seasons.

    Thanks again everyone!

    -Jenna (from Whisked!)

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