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  • This is welcome news considering we are going on four years since the fire.

  • I’ll believe this when I see it. Development moves at a snail’s pace in Mt Pleasant.

  • What is it going to be? I was under the impression not a church anymore.

  • I can’t tell. Is it going to be a church converted to condos with a new addition or a church AND condos? It’s nice looking whatever it is. Now on to the Deauville.

    • It will be condos, 55 units. No church. I think it’s remarkable that they managed to do this conversion, while preserving that impressive frontage of steps and pillars. This seems to be well on its way to historic-preservation approval.

      It will be reviewed by the BZA for a couple of zoning variations in February. I hope that will be a routine matter. As for the ANC, this is one commissioner who will be in support of this development.

      — Jack (ANC 1D03)

      • as a condo owner on Mt Pleasant Street, I plan to be at that meeting to vigorously oppose the variance they want to the rear setback. With the history of fires that we have in Mt Pleasant, can’t we have the benefit of this impressive conversion while still keeping our neighborhood safe from fires?

        • As a condo owner on Mt Pleasant, I plan to be at that meeting to vigorously SUPPORT the variance they want for the rear setback. This is not the same scenario as the library. As Jack has pointed out in his newsletter: “the zoning variances requested are modest, and amount to no significant change from the current layout. The rear yard, for example, would actually be increased from the current 5 feet to 11 feet.”

          The conversion of the vacant church into a productive condo building will add vibrancy to the neighborhood and tax revenue to the district. It also adds new, market rate condos to the area that will contribute to the mix of housing in the neighborhood.

  • Bozzuto already has approval from Historic Preservation and the BZA has scheduled a meeting in February to discuss its proposed variance so it looks as though this is going forward.

    In sadder news, however, it does not appear that there has been any progress on the redevelopment of the Deauville. They were hoping to get some money through DC’s fall 2011 RFP for HUD funds but it doesn’t look like they had any success.

  • andy

    like everybody else says, just start building something.

  • Great to hear Condos are going in – seriously! That will introduce 55 units paying real estate taxes, and 55 new home owners who will have a stake in the City. This is all opposed to mainly out of state folks coming to a building that pays zero taxes to the City.

    Sorry to be frank about this, but I see it as an improvement!

  • Why try so hard to keep it looking like a church when it’s not a church at all? I guess the idea is it keeps the appearance of the fabric of the community, without having actual churchgoers — churchgoers are the enemy, I guess.

    Weird world.

    Anyway, that place is going to have some high condo fees to maintain all that unusable common space.

    • why keep it looking like a church? b/c its a relatively nice looking building and making a church into condos is fun and innovative. also it looks more like a roman temple then a church.

      churchgoers are not the enemy but for an atheist like myself, having less institutes that preach bronze age faiths and ethics around is good news.

  • Nice to see the church structure get a new lease on life. Good buildings often have multiple uses over the life of the building. The architecture is preserved with a respectful nod to history, while still meeting the requirements of today. However, The mass behind the church looks pretty darn plain.

    I totally disagree with comment regarding fire hazards. The new building is concrete if I understand the drawings correctly and will be fully sprinklered. Very safe construction. Rear yards and other setbacks are provided most importantly to provide adequate light and ventilation. Depending on the distance from the property line, the building will be limited in the amount of window area on the rear wall.

    Looks like they have designed for an automatic parking machine. Pretty costly, but I’m guessing the neighborhood voiced its concern over adequate parking.

  • what is going to happen to the stained glass windows? I think they are amazing and I would love to see them with light shining through them one day. Does anybody know who is on them?

  • March 13 2012 will mark the fourth anniversary of the fire that destroyed the Deauville. I am all for affordable redevelopment of this building, but is it going to happen? They only have $400,000 saved so far according the web site. http://www.ibfdevelopment.com/?page_id=1088 That’s not enough to build even one house let alone an apartment building.

    I think it is time to apply pressure to see the project move along at a reasonable pace or be sold to someone with the means to get things under way.

    This building is a blight on the neighborhood.

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