New Building Coming to Sherman and Euclid St, NW

It’s obviously to early for a proper judging but I’m just curious about the opening on the street level. Do you think this indicates there will be a retail space? Or is it just a big window?

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  • no joke…this would be a pretty good spot for a bodega. as a euclid st resident we’re surprisingly underserved

  • You’d think they’d put a concrete floor in between the ground floor and second level so the residents wouldn’t be able to hear the retail. It sure looks like retail though.

  • gotta be retail

  • Is it zoned for retail? That is probably the first question

  • It was previously a market….so I would gander that it is….

  • austindc

    Probably there to make space for a water slide.

  • I live up the block and one my neighbors spoke with the woman who owns it. . .it is apparently going to be a “market” which I’m guessing means it’s not a full blown grocer, but not quite a bodega?

    Work has been going in fits and spurts. . . not sure when it’s expected to be done. Perhaps it can race with the Sherman Avenue project?

  • If one takes a moment and looks up the permits on (assuming this is 2601 Sherman Avenue NW, on the NE corner of Sherman and Euclid), it says this will be “CHANGE OF USE ON SECOND FLOOR FROM GROCERY STORE TO RESIDENTIAL. 1ST FLOOR AND CELLAR TO REMAIN A GROCERY STORE.”

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