Mt. Pleasant Building’s Annual International Peace Signs Go Up

Every Winter, I always look forward to this building’s international peace signs at Park Rd and Mt. Pleasant St, NW.

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  • Hmmm. The Arabic word doesn’t translate to Peace; it’s close to Pious and the proper name Saleh but even then missing a letter. Sorry.

  • I wonder if they took the time to match these up with the nationality of the residents behind the windows. That would be clever.

  • I love this tradition! I wonder if prospective residents are required to hang these banners by the building management, condo association, co-op board or whatever.

  • I live in the building and I love their tradition of putting up these banners! They don’t match up nationality of residents with banners and the building management informs each resident that they’ll be putting up the banners on their balcony. Management is really great there, so it’s not an issue. Last year they alternated blue and white, but this year it seems they opted to have one side white, the other blue. ~peace

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